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Innovation from tradition

Welcome to fischer startup:centre.

We are the innovation forge of fischerwerke. We identify, evaluate and integrate relevant startups, technologies and trends. Our goal is to Sequencing promising ideas and/or business models with relevance for our company and thus contributing to the sustainable success of our company.

Overview of our 3 pillars:

fischer startup:net consists of interdisciplinary teams and departments such as innovation management, pre-development, engineering office and individual business units.

Our core pillars are:
New business area
Open innovation/joint ventures
New business models
New, innovative products
New installations
Scale up
Cross-departmental impulse generator
Developing the business
Optimization of internal processes

Overview of our methods:

Rethinking from established

We attach great importance to working together with our target groups on future-oriented solutions. It doesn't always have to be high tech. We want to solve customer problems and bring real, meaningful innovations to the market.

Our value proposition:

We see ourselves as a sensor in the market, as an enabler between the internal fishing and the outside world in the construction industry. We see ourselves as the link between the present and the future. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the growth strategy of fisher and meaningful solutions in the construction industry that offer great added value to all our broad-based customers.

Our search fields:

fischer startup:net is the gateway to the multi-billion construction industry, from which you can also benefit. 

The construction industry is in the middle of a major transformation. There are many challenges with even more opportunities that we want to use and shape together with you. If we haven't found you yet, feel free to contact us.

We are particularly interested in the following topics:

Modular structure
New, innovative fastening solutions
Artificial intelligence
Optimising processes
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fischer makes it possible

fischer – these are the ones with the great dowels. They are slightly more expensive in price, but worth every cent. fischer, a strong brand. We are confronted with feedback like this every day. Our mission statement is – innovative, responsible, serious. We apply for 20 times more patents than other companies of our size. Why do startups and people interested in founding companies benefit from us?
Every innovation needs strong partners and extensive networks. We offer all relevant competences and ensure sustainable, solid but also rapid growth. We build on long-term partnerships and support you in all areas of business start-up or scale-up.

Our innovative solutions

Construction robot collapsed


In times of skills shortage, it is all the more important to support your team. The fischer Baubot takes over physically strenuous, strenuous activities and reduces the risk of injury to employees.

More information about BauBot

Connected products

Making the world a little safer. That is the mission of fischer Construction Monitoring. With our system solutions for the documentation and monitoring of systems and structures, we now offer you an unprecedented combination of smart monitoring tool and strong fastenings.


Efficient digital processes – no more paperwork on the construction site. Craftnote offers (small) craft businesses an easy introduction to digitalisation. The digital construction folder provides the tradesman with an optimal and easy-to-use tool for project management and thus gives him more time for the essentials.

Learn more about Craftnote

Innovation Campus

In the former parents’ home of Prof. Klaus Fischer established the “fischer Innovations-Campus” in 2020, where the startups from the Group and employees in general quickly bring new ideas and innovations to market maturity and success in a creative environment.

Any questions left? We’re happy to help you out!

Your point of contact

Marco Thiess
Head of InnovationsCampus and Innovation Management
Marcus Keller
Head of Innovation Campus
Paul Enggruber,
Head of Innovation & Digital Hub China