SAP makes Industry 4.0 comprehensible with fischertechnik

fischertechnik makes Industry 4.0 comprehensible in the SAP digital studios. The fischertechnik simulation models for industry illustrate complex processes of digital transformation at various sites of the software provider throughout the world. Thus, fischertechnik is increasingly becoming established as the tool of choice for making Industry 4.0 comprehensible in large production plants.

High-bay warehouses, production lines and sorters make the world of tomorrow comprehensible in the fischertechnik Smart Factory at SAP. In nine digital studios of the software provider throughout the world, it is used to develop ideas, advise and inspire customers and test possibilities for the future.

When the fischertechnik factory, controlled by an SAP cloud platform, is set in motion, the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things become clear. A precisely coordinated software architecture makes it possible to trace, from anywhere, the station in the production line where a product can be found at the moment. Individual production steps can be analysed, orders triggered and processed in good time and any maintenance measures planned ahead.

The fischertechnik construction system is already used at the SAP sites in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Switzerland and the USA.

“The digital transformation and the Internet of Things are still very abstract topics for many people. That is why it is important to be able to try out technical approaches and concepts directly and to make it possible to experience them. fischertechnik has proved to be an extremely stable and helpful tool for this,” says Roland Deuker from the Business Transformation Services Department at SAP.

For this reason, the software manufacturer is going to rely on fischertechnik for the illustration of complex processes in the future too: an additional fischertechnik factory has already been procured in the USA, which can be seen at the SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.


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