High-speed tracks and trampoline action

Have the marble runs left you wanting more? fischertechnik’s popular marble runs can now be expanded with four different sets. With the Dynamic Looping set (12.95 Euro, available from March), the track guide can be spontaneously reset with a spectacular looping switch. The Dynamic Stop & Go set (12.95 Euro, available from March) contains two stopping points. Meanwhile, the Dynamic High Speed set (12.95 Euro, available from March) moves things up a gear, and contains special high-speed flex tracks. The “Made in Germany” toy manufacturer also offers a trampoline with the Dynamic Trampoline set (24.95 Euro, available from June), on which the marble lands before falling into a funnel.
More exciting than a rollercoaster ride: will it go into the looping or will it take the track that leads around it? The alterable switch in the new Dynamic Looping set makes unforeseeable track runs possible. The 50-part expansion set contains flex tracks, a bend element, a high-speed flex track and various add-on parts – with guaranteed action. 

A short stop before the marble hurtles on: The Dynamic Stop & Go expansion set allows two mechanical stopping points to be built, which can be integrated into the existing marble run. The 45-part set contains flex tracks and various add-on parts.

Even faster, even more daring: The high-speed flex tracks with a raised side edge bring more speed into play. A 180-degree bend allows the marble to change course in the narrowest space. The Dynamic High Speed expansion set consists of 30 parts and guarantees fast-paced track runs.

The Dynamic Trampoline expansion set is truly spectacular. The marble lands on a trampoline, bounces off and is then caught by a centrifugal funnel. The trampoline consists of popular fischertechnik parts with a trampoline cover. The 130-part set also contains bend elements, a 90-degree bend, marbles, flex tracks and a centrifugal funnel. Free instructions on the fischertechnik website describe how to incorporate the trampoline into the PROFI Dynamic M construction set. This is the first trampoline element launched by the toy manufacturer from the northern Black Forest.

The individual sets can be combined with all construction kits from fischertechnik’s Dynamic line and are therefore the ideal expansion to an existing marble run.


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Expansion set Dynamic Looping.
The expansion set includes Dynamic Looping a spectacular looping switch.
Expansion set Dynamic Stop & Go.
The expansion set Dynamic Trampoline contains a trampoline element on which the ball lands and then fall into a funnel.
Expansion set Dynamic Trampoline.
The expansion set Dynamic Trampoline contains a trampoline element on which the ball lands and then fall into a funnel.

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