A fast-paced game with colourful gaming pieces

fischertechnik offers low-cost board game

Yellow vs white – players go head to head in the new fischertechnik Slide Battle game. The first person to shoot their gaming piece through a goal in the opposing field is the winner. The construction kit by the made-in-Germany toy manufacturer is available from March (RRP 14.99 euro).
The Slide Battle construction kit contains 102 pieces that can be assembled into a game board with a total of twelve gaming pieces. Each player receives six tokens of the same colour. A goal is located at the centre of the game board. 

The game starts as soon as the rubber cord is tensed, and each piece has to be shot into the opponent’s field. Whoever first empties their playing field wins. With this construction kit, fischertechnik offers a quick and fast-paced game that requires dexterity and provides plenty of fun in return. The 102-part game is suitable for children aged seven and up. 

 Further information can be found under the following link: www.fischertechnik.de


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Step one, assemble, step two, shoot gaming pieces into the opposing field: That’s the fischertechnik Slide Battle game.

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