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fischertechnik Crazy Rides construction kit nominated for an award

fischertechnik’s Crazy Rides construction kit has been nominated for the TOP 10 Toys Award 2023. The construction kit can be used to recreate theme park rides with dizzying rotations.

TOP 10 Toys has been one of the most prestigious awards in the toy industry for around two decades. The German Association of Toy and Game Retailers (BVS) selects the best new toys together with a jury panel. fischertechnik has made it to the final round with its Crazy Rides construction kit (69.99 euro RRP).

A funfair with various stalls and rides provides fun for all ages. This fascination can be relived with Crazy Rides, a construction kit that brings the thrill of the theme park into the home. Model builders aged eight and up can recreate various theme park rides and send two toy figures onto a breathtaking adventure of loops and turns. In doing so, youngsters get to know various rotary elements and motions.

Masterspin is one of the spectacular attractions and features toy figures that sit inside a passenger cabin at the top of a rotating tower. Driven by a crank, it completes dizzying rotations while the figures rotate on their own axis. The workings of the built-in cog wheels can be observed during the fast-paced ride. 

The Freefall Tower with a pulley provides pure excitement. Passenger seats attached to a tower are pulled upwards with a crank. Once they have reached the top, the figures can enjoy the view until a lever triggers the freefall mode, causing the passenger cabin to race back to the ground. Just like a real Freefall Tower, the ride can go faster or slower and can be stopped and started.

Gyrospin guarantees further sensational experiences. The seats of the two figures are erratically rotated 360 degrees using a crank. In addition to a joyful experience, children can also discover and explore the laws of physics through the various rotations. 

The Bungee Ball includes a spherical cabin attached to two rubber bands that are pulled down and tightened. Once released, the passenger cabin containing one or two figures shoots upwards. By releasing the tension, the passengers attached to the bands are flung into the air, teaching children about tension force.

The ten winners of the TOP 10 Toys 2023 will be announced at a toy industry press conference in November. fischertechnik was among the winners in 2022 with its Build Your Own Game kit containing eight different games to assemble.

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fischertechnik’s Crazy Rides construction kit has been nominated for the TOP 10 Toys Award 2023.


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The fischertechnik Crazy Rides construction kit contains four different models that can be found in a theme park.


Image: fischertechnik

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