High-speed race through marble parcours

Daring overtake manoeuvres on fast-paced parcours

fischertechnik is launching a marble parcours for daring races with the Marble Competition construction kit. Which colour will make it to the goal first? Three different models can be built with Marble Competition.
The construction kit for children aged eight and up contains everything that young constructors could need to build an extraordinary marble run. Equipped with the new, wide high-speed flex profiles and wide 180-degree bends, the course turns into a daring race track. Once the parcours has been set up things start to get really exciting, as the colourful marbles can overtake one another and race to the goal through various tracks. The red marble is in the lead - but for how long? Those who celebrate too soon may end up being disappointed, as the adjustable obstacles can suddenly brake or stop the marbles, taking them down an entirely unexpected route. This keeps the race thrilling from start to finish.

All three models contain various ingenuities: obstacles, branch-offs or shortcuts guarantee a thrilling head-to-head race in the first model, while two parallel or mirrored runs with a ‘marble stop’ provide plenty of excitement in the second model. The third model contains dead ends, shortcuts as well as steep and flat areas. The 698-part marble run is available for 99.90 Euro. 


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The marble course of the new fischertechnik construction kit Marble Competition enables daredevil races with surprising courses.

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The fischertechnik Marble Competition construction kit with its unusual ball courses is suitable for children aged eight and over.

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