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fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines

Mit dem fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines können bis zu 16 Kleingruppen innerhalb einer Klasse gleichzeitig ein Modell aufbauen, zum Beispiel eine Ballweitergabemaschine. Reiht man diese aneinander, entsteht ein großes Klassenmodell. So werden mit diesem Baukasten mechanische Grundprinzipien auf spielerische Art verdeutlicht.

Up to 16 small groups can build models simultaneously in one class with the fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines, such as a ball transfer machine. The models can be assembled into a large class model by being joined together. The construction kit conveys the basics of mechanics in a playful way. 

The fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines consists of 16 sets with which groups can build up to ten different models each. The constructions cover various simple machine principles such as lever mechanics, ropes and pulleys, four-joint links and inclined planes. This involves simple technical principles that everyone will be familiar with from day-to-day life, such as various door models or a beam balance. 

All of the principles that can be learnt with this set can be applied at the same time with the ball transfer machine. The small ball transfer machines can also be assembled into one large class model made up of individual group projects.

The fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines contains 2,320 parts, allowing up to 61 experiments to be carried out during lessons. Accompanying educational material is available online and contains assignments and their respective solutions in addition to an overview of learning objectives, how long assignments take as well as the respective curriculum references for each of Germany’s federal states. Primary school lessons can therefore be given a playful, targeted upgrade with the class set without requiring a great deal of preparation. 

The components and educational materials are stored in a sturdy storage box with clear compartments that allow the parts to be quickly and easily sorted and put away. 

fischertechnik’s STEM construction kits
All of the products in fischertechnik’s Education line are developed in close cooperation with teachers and education experts to meet lesson requirements. The innovative educational materials convey a basic technical understanding and give pupils an ideal preparation for technical professions. fischertechnik’s educational construction kits are used around the world to explore the following topics: Mechanics, statics, simple machines, hydraulics, pneumatics, renewable energy, fuel cells, optics and light, electronics, robotics, mechatronics, automation, data logging and Industry 4.0 as well as the Internet of Things. The products remain consistent in terms of meeting quality and sustainability requirements, as each construction kit is made in Germany and can be combined with other construction kits.

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Image 1: The ball transfer machine from fischertechnik’s Class Set Simple Machines.Image: fischertechnik
Image 2: The fischertechnik Class Set Simple Machines contains 16 sets that can be simultaneously built in groups.Image: fischertechnik

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