Statics and design in one

Learn how forces work

The new fischertechnik Statics construction kit provides a deeper understanding of structural forces through sophisticated constructions. Available from March 2022 for 54.90 Euro, the PROFI line set was made for junior engineers aged eight and up.

To ensure they safely fulfil their functions, buildings and supporting structures must be designed so that they absorb and balance out the forces acting on them. The new fischertechnik Statics construction kit familiarises children and teenagers with this fascinating phenomenon. Models such as a harbour crane, an arch bridge and a suspension arch bridge or a frame house teach adolescents how to erect a stable structure using different methods. A total of eleven models can be built with the 365 parts contained in the construction kit. Cable winches and pulleys also show young tinkerers how they can redirect and use forces.

Historical structures such as the Parisian Eiffel Tower and London’s Tower Bridge are a particular highlight of the construction kit. While building these significant structures, children and teenagers not only gain deeper mechanical and static insights, they also gain a playful understanding of how design is always a crucial factor during the construction of buildings and supporting structures.


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Image 1:

The fischertechnik Statics construction kit can be used to build a model of the Eiffel Tower, among other things.

Image: fischertechnik

Image 2:

A model of Tower Bridge in London is part of the fischertechnik Statics construction kit, which can be used to build a total of eleven models.

Image: fischertechnik

Moderator: Marc Schrag, Sales Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Press relations officer
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