Fire engines for daredevils

Fully functional fischertechnik fire engine

The new fischertechnik fire engine lets you experience many fire brigade adventures. Once the model has been built and equipped with a standard PET bottle, nothing stands in the way of firefighting operations. The Firefighter construction kit (89.90 Euro, available from July) is suitable for children aged seven and up.

Many children dream of extinguishing a fire, which is why fire trucks are a popular feature in many kids’ rooms. A self-built vehicle makes playing all the more fun. The impressive vehicles are easily assembled with the child-friendly instructions. 

A standard 0.5-litre plastic bottle turns the impressive vehicle into a utility vehicle. The original lid of the PET bottle is replaced by the supplied adapter, which turns the bottle into a water tank that can be used to start actively fighting fires. The connected air pump creates pressure. Once the valve has been opened, water shoots out of the connected fire hoses, giving children a playful grasp of the connection between air and water pressure. Together with the accompanying playing figure called fischertechNik children can dive into many an exciting adventure.


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Image 1:

The fire truck from the fischertechnik Firefighter construction kit turns into an impressive utility vehicle by adding a standard water bottle.

Image: fischertechnik

Moderator: Marc Schrag, Sales Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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