A starter robot with its own programming

Early Coding by fischertechnik

The fischertechnik Early Coding construction kit (99.90 Euro) enables simple robot programming. The fun fantasy robots are easy to assemble, and even easier to pro-gramme and control. The child-friendly graphic program-ming interface soon provides successful results: Upon connecting commands, the robot moves in the pro-grammed direction. This fischertechnik construction kit helps children aged 5 and up to develop their first programming skills in a fun and playful manner.

A total of three different models can be built with fischertechnik Early Coding. The construction kit contains everything that fully functional driving robots could need: components to assemble it, a fully assembled chassis with motors, controllers and infrared sensors as well as buttons and a battery compartment. There is no need for complex wiring.

Once the small robot has been assembled, it can, for example, follow courses that have previously been programmed on the tablet or smartphone. The robot can also be controlled remotely via the app or drive along previously saved paths via a teach-in function. The programming interface is child-friendly and correspondingly easy to use. It involves connecting individual programming blocks used to control the robot. 

A comprehensive range of accompanying materials and three different tasks are available online. 



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Children aged 5 and up can build and programme robot models with the fischertechnik Early Coding construction kit.

Image: fischertechnik

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