Animal Friends made of renewable resources

Sustainable fischertechnik construction kit with new colours

fischertechnik has set a new milestone with the Animal Friends construction kit, as the building blocks and packaging are largely made of renewable resources and the models depict playful animals in new colours. The company is thereby taking another major step towards sustainability. The bio-based building set recently won the Toy Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Sammy the spider, Sandy the scorpion, Henry the horse, Larry the lizard, Cleo the cat: These are the five likeable “inhabitants” of fischertechnik's new Animal Friends construction kit (available from March 2022, RRP 54.90 Euro). Children aged six and up won’t just enjoy the first animal figures that fischertechnik has launched, as the new orange and green colours provide plenty of fun while assembling a total of 222 parts in these colours. 

Animal Friends not only provides inspiration with its fun models but also with its fundamental sustainable aspect, as the plastic building blocks consist of 60 per cent renewable resources. The material is based on castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean which does not compete with food and fodder so that there is no risk of agricultural land needed by people and animals being used. fischertechnik has also given the component packaging a sustainable design. 

While designing the construction kit, the developers were able to draw on the competence of the fischer fixing systems division which has already launched a Greenline product line. The respective plugs and injection mortar also consist of 60 per cent renewable resources while offering the same retention forces as the rest of the product range. The bioplastics used by fischertechnik also guarantee the same high level of quality for its building blocks as is found in the conventional fischertechnik building blocks.


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Sandy the scorpion is one of five likeable inhabitants of fischertechnik’s bio-based Animal Friends construction kit.

Image: fischertechnik
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The building blocks of the fischertechnik Animal Friends construction kit consist of 60 per cent renewable resources.

Image: fischertechnik

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