fischertechnik launches innovation campaign

From renewable energies to programming

fischertechnik is going into 2021 with plenty of innovative power. The ‘Made in Germany’ toy manufacturer is offering even more product innovations than in recent years. In doing so, fischertechnik is addressing pioneering topics such as renewable energies and robotics. The new ROBO PRO Coding programming language contains a variety of functions with which to control the Robotics models. The compact TXT 4.0 controller offers significantly more storage capacity than its predecessor. Impressive omniwheels vehicles allow fascinating manoeuvres in every direction. The chain reactions require plenty of creativity and are equipped with imaginative ingenuities such as a cable car and a catapult.

Solar modules, energy storage and wind power: The Green Energy construction kit can be used to build an eco home that connects multiple renewable energy sources. The Solar Power kit contains components for a helicopter, an airplane, a windmill and a carousel. The individual models can be set in motion with the accompanying solar cell using solar power. The vehicle from the H2 Fuel Cell Car construction kit can take off once the fuel cell has been charged and electrolysis is completed. 

Challenging programming tasks can be overcome with the two Robotics Hightech and Robotics Smarttech construction kits. Robot and vehicle models equipped with omniwheels illustrate the workings of autonomous driving and modern mobile robot technologies. Robitics Hightech is controlled using the newly developed ROBO Pro Coding programming language, which supports graphic and text-based programming and has a selection of various learning levels.

The Early Coding construction kit was designed for children aged five and up and can be used to build and programme simple robot models. The child-friendly graphic programming interface soon provides a sense of achievement.

The principles of pneumatic drives are illustrated with the Strong Pneumatics construction kit through six models. The models include an impressive tractor model with a tree trunk gripper that is activated by a pneumatic driving force.

The Retro Mechanics construction kit illustrates mechanics and statics with no less than 30 models that can be constructed with the 500 parts contained in the kit. The appeal of the construction kit lies in its retro design and classic packaging with a fold-out lid. 

Things get imaginative, creative and fast-paced with the Funny Reactions construction kit. Fun and creative chain reactions can be built with its 660 parts. A cable car, catapult and shooting cannon provide high-speed fun.

The E-Tronic construction kit meanwhile provides access to the world of electronics. Twelve demonstrative models illustrate the science behind controlling electrical currents through electronic circuits.

All construction kits are equipped with comprehensive educational material that is also available online. Detailed information can be found on


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Image 1:

The impressive tractor model from the fischertechnik Strong Pneumatics construction kit.

Image: fischertechnik

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