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Ready for any blaze with fischertechnik

Children love to see large fire trucks in action. The JUNIOR line’s Easy Starter Fire Trucks allow young fire fighters aged 3 and up to delve into the world of firefighting and rescue vehicles. The variable set up of the fire trucks lets them learn new skills. The fischertechnik Easy Starter Fire Truck costs 44.95 Euro and contains 45 components.

The impressive vehicles appeal due to their child-friendly design and flexible system. Four different models can be built based on the basic vehicle. By applying a few simple turning mechanisms children can make a fire truck with an extendable aerial ladder and a water tank on a twin axle trailer, ready for smouldering fires at dizzying heights.

The water tank, aerial ladder and cable winch can be interchanged on the truck and trailer as required. The remaining push-in and revolving connections offer a highly flexible system that drives off any boredom.

While children are concentrated on playing, they train their motor skills, improve their eye-hand coordination and expand their basic technical understanding. The JUNIOR Line models can be combined with any fischertechnik component.


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Image 1: The JUNIOR Easy Starter Fire Trucks transports children into the world of the fire brigade.

Image: fischer
Image 2: fischertechnik’s JUNIOR Easy Starter Fire Trucks are suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Image: fischer

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