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fischertechnik’s construction kit with four amusement rides

Enjoy a fun theme park atmosphere in the comfort of your home with the new fischertechnik Crazy Rides construction kit (RRP 69.99 euro, available from March). The kit contains four attractions that imitate theme park rides with breathtaking vertical loops and turns.

Four different amusement rides can be built with the Crazy Rides construction kit. The fun beings when the Masterspin starts moving and the toy figures sit at the top of a rotating tower. The passenger cabin completes dizzying rotations with the help of a crank, while the figures rotate on their own axis. The workings of the built-in cog wheels can be observed during the breathtaking ride.

The second element, the Freefall Tower, is operated by a pulley. Passenger seats attached to a tower are pulled upwards with a crank. Once they have reached the top, the figures can enjoy the view until a lever triggers the freefall mode, causing the passenger cabin to race back to the ground. Just like a real Freefall Tower, the ride can go faster or slower and can be stopped and started. 

Gyrospin is another dizzying attraction. The seats of the two figures are erratically rotated by 360 degrees using a crank. These different movements can be used to learn about and explore the laws of physics.

The Bungee Ball includes a spherical cabin attached to two rubber bands that are pulled down and tightened. There is room for two figurines inside the ball. Once released, the passenger cabin shoots upwards. By releasing the tension, the passengers attached to the bands are flung in every direction. This model teaches children about tension force.

The Crazy Rides construction kit allows children aged eight and above to learn about different rotary elements and motions. Two figures contained in the kit provide added fun.

Further information can be found under the following link: www.fischertechnik.de

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Image 1:

The Masterspin model of the construction kit Crazy Rides from fischertechnik.

Image: fischer
Image 2:

Gyrospin is a dizzying attraction in the fischertechnik construction kit Crazy Rides.

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Image 3:

The fischertechnik Freefall Tower is operated by a pulley.

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