Daring and steep zig-zag turns and a freefall – all while hanging from a shelf: The new one-metre tall fischertechnik Hanging Action Tower marble run (99.95 Euro, available June 2020) features spectacular effects. As soon as the marble has raced through flex tracks, funnels, crossovers and steep turns, it soars back up with the new fischertechnik Easy Elevator lift system.
fischertechnik has won the “Mom’s Choice Award” in the US. This marks the first award won by the “Made in Germany” toy manufacturer in North America. fischertechnik products are sold on every continent, particularly in North America and the Far East.
The new fischertechnik Smart SuperZoom Set is a self-made magnifying glass that can simply be attached to a smart phone. The 32 parts are quick to assemble, making an on-the-go microscope with a high-quality lens for your smart phone. A vacuum pad makes it easy to attach and remove. The Smart SuperZoom Set (19.95 Euro, available from March onwards) allows small objects to be viewed with a magnification of 26X.
In times of climate crisis and digital change, parents value sustainable toys with educational value. fischertechnik is a traditional brand that has always manufactured its goods in Germany. Its products encourage discovering pioneering technologies in a playful manner, ranging from programming and renewable energy to smart factories.
Expanding, inventing, developing – the possibilities are endless. The new fischertechnik Creative Boxes contain the foundations for every inventor’s next great discovery. The expansions add to the collection of components and also provide additional storage space. The Creative Box Basic containing 630 parts is now available for 119.95 Euro. The Creative Box Mechanics really gets down to business: The drive parts contained in the set allow models such as diggers or elevators to be moved. The box contains 291 components and is available for 59.95 Euro.