Prof. Klaus Fischer awarded special honorary doctorate in Italy

Honorary doctorate awarded by University of Padua for the first time

Prof. Fischer was presented with the Honorary Doctorate of Engineering for Safety in Construction and the Industry in a celebratory setting at the University of Padua. The owner of the fischer Group of Companies received this special honorary doctorate in the presence of numerous friends, acquaintances, board members, Managing Directors and members of staff from Italy and Germany.
Galileo Galilei taught at the almost 800-year-old University of Padua from as early as 1592 to 1610. His professorship exists to this day. There have been many additional notable graduates including Nikolaus Kopernikus and Albertus Magnus. It was at this time-honoured university, one of the oldest in Europe with 65,000 current students, that Prof. Klaus Fischer was presented with this special honorary doctorate in a celebratory setting. Many renowned scholars have been presented with this award in the past. “That’s also why this award is a great honour and an obligation to me at the same time”, Prof. Klaus Fischer said during his speech. 

Prof. Rosario Rizzuto, Rector of the University of Padua, explained: “This award that has been presented to Prof. Klaus Fischer is an important symbol”. He said it was exciting being able to present honorary titles in the presence of guests once more and to celebrate. “These awards are presented sparingly by our university”. Honorary doctorates have been awarded by the University of Padua less than 20 times in the past ten years. 

Prof. Rizzuto emphasised Prof. Fischer’s ability to “think in terms of generations”, stating that the future is one of the key values that guide him along with sustainability. “Prof. Fischer never lost sight of the growing complexity of his business”, Prof. Rizzuto added. He also looked back at Prof. Fischer’s professional career, at how he set up the company and significantly expanded its internationalisation while placing a great deal of value on training and development, making him a role model and pioneer of the corporate world. Together with Prof. Stefania Bruschi, the Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Prof. Rizzuto also highlighted that the Honorary Doctorate of Engineering for Safety in Construction and the Industry presented to Prof. Fischer is the first to have ever been presented by the Faculty of Safety. The faculty was established in 2016. 

This honorary doctorate has never been awarded by the university before. “This is something really special, and it fills me with great pride and gratitude”, Prof. Fischer stated. He said he was accepting the award on behalf of all members of staff, particularly those at our subsidiary in Padua, which has been operating successfully for years. “They all contribute to our company's success on a daily basis, as success never only depends on one person alone, but on everyone together”. He said that it was also an honour for all those members of staff who had contributed to the years of excellent cooperation between the company and the University of Padua. 

A close partnership has existed between the fischer Group of Companies and the Italian university and therefore between the economy and science for many years. Both parties benefit from this cooperation in the competition for innovations and ideas. “Cooperation is all the more important in times shaped by ever shorter development cycles. Knowledge must be bundled in order to generate new innovations on this foundation. We have successfully achieved this from the start in the field of fastening technology with the University of Padua”, Prof. Fischer stated. 

Prof. Fischer and his company presented the Excellence Award at the University of Padua last year for the seventh time. The award supports particularly talented students or graduates. There have also been many additional joint activities, for instance in research and development. “I therefore see this honour primarily as a signal for the future. A signal to further deepen the close partnership between the University of Padua and our company”.


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Applause for Prof. Klaus Fischer in the time-honoured Ippolito Nievo room at the University of Padua.

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Prof. Klaus Fischer after being awarded the honorary doctorate at the University of Padua.

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Wolfgang Pott

Head of Corporate Communications