Press releases fischer Group of Companies

The fischer Group of Companies has successfully concluded the 2022 fiscal year with a turnover of over one billion euro, a first in the company’s history. With a gross turnover of 1.14 billion euro, the family business from Waldachtal in the northern Black Forest exceeded its excellent figures of the previous year by 14.7 per cent. At the same time, the company used its growth strategy to increase its independence from negative global influences such as Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine, rising inflation, high energy prices and the coronavirus crisis.
The fischer Group of Companies was presented with the Lean & Green Management Award on 20 October 2022 and received the special award for Integrated Lean & Green Strategy. The competition honours companies that successfully combine corporate processes and sustainable strategies.
The long-term collaboration between the successful coach and fischer will commence on 1 January 2023. One of the most recognisable faces of the world of football is thereby returning to his roots, as Jürgen Klopp grew up near fischer’s headquarters. His father worked for the family business from Waldachtal in the Northern Black Forest for almost 35 years. The new partnership brings the story to a full circle.
The company’s in-house ‘fischer Highlights’ podcast has been presented with a German Brand Award. The successful audio series by the fischer Group of Companies is released once a month on every podcast platform and contains many interesting aspects of the economy, politics and society surrounding the world market leader. The jury praised the company’s outstanding brand strategy in particular.
“You are new, eco-friendly, cool, alternative, sustainable and green” – it was with these words that the fischer Group of Companies was initially informed by email that it was being presented with the Plus X Award for sustainability. The award honours companies that stand for a sustainable future with their sense of responsibility and foresight. Christian Ziegler, Head of Sustainability, Environment and Energy at fischer, is pleased about the award as it serves as confirmation of the company’s outstanding commitment once again.