Anchor design as easy as never before

The new fischer software-suite FIXPERIENCE is setting standards in terms of the simple dimensioning of plugs, anchors and screws as well as post-installed rebar connections. fischer FIXPERIENCE is intended to meet the needs of planners, structural engineers and craftsmen who need a safe and reliable design tool for their projects. FIXPERIENCE includes all significant international standards and therefore can be used all over the world. The software is prepared for free download:

The new fischer software is now still easier to use. The pre-selection platform offers a number of modules
depending on the application. The programme-suite includes an engineer software with special applications. The dimensioning of fixings can be executed easily and with high flexibility. Thanks to the modular structure of the software the user is able to handle the focused and cost-optimised planning of complete projects as well as single applications.
fischer FIXPERIENCE consists of four programmes for different applications. More modules are being prepared to be successivly brought to the market. The following modules are available at the moment:

  • C-FIX – anchor designing application developed from the former well-known progamme COMPUFIX
  • WOOD-FIX – for the fast calculation of applications with fischer screws
  • REBAR-FIX – application for the design of post-installed reinforcement connections in concrete constructions
  • MORTAR-FIX – for the calculation of the quantity of injection mortar needed for chemical anchors in concrete constructions

Simple handling and high recognition factor
The new generation of fischer software is based on the reliable modules of the former programmes. The contents of the navigation bar, which is taken from COMPUFIX, can be found in the tool box. Entering all values in the toolbox enables swift and simple operation and makes designing easier. At the same time, the result window shows the results in real time. Clear descriptions and large icons help in operating the system. Input is easy, users only need to click on the figure they want to edit. Product information is presented in the product information window. All windows can be displayed or hid-den as required, which makes the system extremely flex-ible.

fischer FIXPERIENCE recognises incorrect entries and geometric conditions and issues a related warning in the message box. Thus the goal of ‚correct design‘ can be achieved in the fastest way possible. The verifiable print-out enables the user to track each step in the pro-
gramme calculation. This ensures that your documents are easily understood.

Graphical representation is available in 3-D or in 2-D. Using the mouse users can easily move the graphical representation, rotate through 360°, swing back and forth, tilt, or zoom as required.

Thanks to the feature „Live update“ users can be sure to always work with the newest programme version. The software informs the user when a new update is avail-able and offers its download automatically.

The software modules in detail
C-FIX – The dimensioning allrounder for all planners is the successor of COMPUFIX which has been known and estimated for years by its users. The new C-FIX is to provide proof in accordance with European Technical Assessment [ETA] and Engineering Solution [ENSO] for anchors and applications that are exposed to primarily static loads.

C-FIX enables the user to make multiple calculations in armoured concrete. For this purpose several thousand types of steel and chemical anchors can be chosen from the extensive fischer range. Especially in such cases where the user is not sure which anchor to chose, the function „multiple calculation“ takes into consideration all anchors contained in the database and offers adequate solutions, so the user can chose the one best suited for his assignment. With C-FIX it is possible to calculate nearly every possible geometry and layout of anchor plates with any number of anchors. Thanks to the ENSO standards it is possible to meet all common requirements and anchor designs all over the world. This ensures that users are always capable of generating the correct design in a particular country.

The calculation standards lodged in the software (ETAG 001, EC1, EC2, EC3 und EC5) including the national application documents and the extensive variety of all common force and measurement units allow for the inter-
national use of the software.

WOOD-FIX – the screw dimensioning module serves to enable a rapid calculation of various applications with
fischer Power-Fast and Construction screws, such as the fixing of rooftop insulation or joints in structural timber constructions with fully threaded screws. The design follows the principles of European Technical Assessment [ETA] and DIN EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5) with the re-lated national application documents. WOODFIX can be used for different types of roofs. This software module will determine the correct loads caused by wind and snow if users enter the force values manually or enter certain wind and snow zones. If a postal code is given WOODFIX calculates the loads automatically.

REBAR-FIX – This module is intended to design post-installed reinforcement connections into concrete. Post-installed connections of reinforcement bars by means of end-anchorage or overlapping can be calculated with this module. The multi-functional selection of fischer Rebar-fix permits a post-installed connection of concrete reinforcement with end connections or splices to be calculated.

Various connection situations are presented quite real-istically. For the first time, it is also possible to design fixings where shear forces and momenta have to be considered.

The programme tells the user the minimum anchorage depth automatically, thus offering the most efficient solu-tion. The geometry of available parts and of the armour-
ing can be entered quite precisely which again leads to the best solution.

MORTAR-FIX – This module supports users in their calculation of the amount of injection mortar needed for chemical anchors so they can order the exact number of cartridges they need for their assignments. Thanks to this feature the programme provides a quick overview of the overall demand for materials.

fischer FIXPERIENCE offers the user the opportunity to – quickly and without any great effort – define and calculate safe and efficient fixings for various applications. This means valuable support in his daily work. For a free download of the software suite see:

Wolfgang Pott

Head of Corporate Communications