New fischer range NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS

New product range especially for DIYers

The fischer Group of Companies has developed a unique concept and product range tailored especially to DIYers. The independent NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product line is being further developed in an internal fischer spinoff while being established on the market. It focuses on tool-free fixings for Do-it-Yourselfers.

Products for particularly simple and fast solutions to fixing problems in private households will now be launched with the NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS concept. The new product range already includes 25 products that are grouped into three segments: SMART HANGING, REPAIRING and GLUEING. These include fixing solutions that can be used without drilling and to a large extent without adhesives. This allows items to be hung up simply by pushing into the wall or through innovative vacuum technology. These products differ from the overall fischer fixing systems product line by being completely tool-free.

The broad range of products is already filling a significant gap in the areas of SMART HANGING, REPAIRING and GLUEING in fischer’s DIY range so far. The tool-free fixing systems are aimed in particular at customers who cannot drill into walls and ceilings due to the existing construction material. The new product line also caters to those who are unable to drill because it is not permitted in their rental properties, as well as to users who want to save time and effort. Processing the product also offers the added benefit of being noise and odour-free and environmentally compatible without leaving any traces through drill holes and marks.

The new fischer portfolio includes one and two-component adhesives as well as lightweight fixings. The range’s various products are suitable for light to heavy loads which require the lowest possible input of effort. Additional solutions such as the MAGNET CLAW are available for smaller applications such as hanging up posters, pictures, decorative accessories or memos. There are also repair adhesives and products that enable the easy removal of holes and damages in walls and ceilings.

The aim of the fischer Group of Companies is to further establish itself as a renowned brand on the DIY market. Building supplies stores can draw their customers’ attention to the new products through the specially developed and eye-catching POS display for the NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS range. The modern product presentation tool features an integrated screen which plays informative and entertaining clips on eleven of the 25 products. The display comes fully equipped with 548 products. The DIY store simply has to unpack it and can generate turnover the same day.


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The fischer NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range with a total of 25 new products is aimed at DIYers in particular and will soon be prevalent in private households.

Image: fischer

Building supplies stores can skilfully draw attention to the new NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range with the eye-catching POS display. An integrated screen plays short clips about the new products.

Image: fischer

Katharina Siegel

Press relations officer
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