New intelligence in fixing technology

fischer is setting new standards for fixing technology with its DUO-Line. The DUOPOWER and DUOTEC anchors autonomously adapt to any construction materials they are anchored in, reaching high load values and guaranteeing absolute security. Sophisticated technology and the best material properties are the recipe for the innovative two-component nylon plug.

With their clever combination of soft and hard plastic materials – distinguishable by their representative red-grey design – the DUOPOWER and fischer DUOTEC plugs guarantee optimal anchoring. Depending on the construction material, they automatically activate the best suitable function, while the two material components provide the best load values and highest functionality. With these features, the multitalented plugs enable a broader field of application and attain a higher load-bearing capacity than common nylon plugs.

They can be installed quickly and easily by hand without the need for special tools. Whether it be solid, porous or board materials, the DUOPOWER reacts intelligently to the fixing subsurface and decides on the appropriate toggle or expansion function. The plug gives a “response”, so to speak, to indicate whether it is correctly positioned in the fixing subsurface. An anti-turn lock additionally secures the DUOPOWER in the construction material, and the narrow fixing edge prevents it from sliding in deeper. This provides a secure, permanent fixing in concrete, solid or hollow masonry, natural stone, chipboard, gypsum plasterboard and many other construction materials, with the DUOPOWER being ideal for double threaded, wood and chipboard screws. Applications include installing cupboards, shelves, television consoles, lamps, shutters, postboxes, sanitary facilities and many more. The DUOPOWER is currently available in nine dimensions with an optional corresponding screw.  

The fischer DUOTEC types are especially suited for high loads in board materials with a strength of 9.5 to 55 mm with their red-grey toggle element. If the anchors are manually inserted the other way around into solid building materials, they act as an expansion plug when they connect with a wooden stand behind the gypsum plasterboard or other solid materials. The installation object can therefore be attached even without a cavity behind the board.

The red, hard component towards the cavity distributes high loads across the entire supporting surface, while the grey, soft bearing side prevents the board’s surface from being cut into. The performance of common plastic or cavity fixings is far surpassed. All manner of fixings are possible in hollow walls and ceilings – be it lamps, cupboards, shelves, wardrobes, pictures, mirrors or television consoles. The fischer DUOTEC is suitable for gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fibreboard, steel, plastic and wooden boards (OSB, chipboard or MDF boards), as well as other construction materials. It can be used with wood, chipboard and stock screws.

The plug’s special geometry with small stainless steel metal plates in the red component allow it to be used in flexible variants. In order to attach it, the plug is placed through pre-positioned installation.  To do this, the user must position the toggle element parallel to the detent of the grip, which is flexibly connected. The fischer DUOTEC can be attached using the adjustable collar sleeve. Once positioned, it reinforces the drill hole and increases the shear load capacity. Behind the board, the plug toggles and develops its load-bearing strength. The protruding part of the grip can simply be broken off by hand. Simply screw on the installation object – and done. The fixing and be removed and screwed back on multiple times, for example in order to clean an installed object.

As well as a variant with a drill hole diameter of 10 mm, fischer now also offers a type for a 12 mm drill with the fischer DUOTEC 12. The new variant is suitable for 6 mm chipboard screws and/or M6 screws. The fischer DUOTEC 12 has a metal skeleton insert for high tensile and shear load capacities in all board materials. Multiple uses of wardrobes, for example, can therefore be realised using fewer fixings, which reduces both effort and wastage. A scale on the tie bar for determining the correct screw length makes installation easier and faster.  With these features, the fischer DUOTEC 12 combines increased user friendliness with higher functionality and performance. Depending on the subsurface, the DUO-Line’s new addition provides a recommended service load of up to 1.5 kN.

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The fischer DUOPOWER is an intelligent two-component plug. Depending on the construction material, it expands or folds while absorbing the highest load values, meaning that just one plug can cover diverse applications.
The fischer DUOTEC is two in one: a folding and expanding plug. It self-activates the right function depending on the construction material.
The fischer DUOTEC is two in one: a folding and expanding plug. It self-activates the right function depending on the construction material.
The new DUOTEC 12 can absorb even higher tensile and shear loads in board materials through the reinforcement of its red component. The correct screw length can easily be found using the scale on the tie bar.

Katharina Siegel

Press relations officer
fischer fixing systems