Increased safety through approvals

Sprinkler systems are extinguishing and alarms systems which must be constructed with approved and authorized building components in accordance with applicable regulations. As well as a comprehensive range of elements for the support of pipes, fischer also offers the approved subsoil fixing.
The planning and execution of sprinkler systems is based on EN 12845 and the almost identical guideline VdS CEA 4001. All fixing elements such as anchors, pipe clamps and loops, clamp hangers and trapezoidal sheet suspending brackets are regulated. Load values, mounting distances and connection sizes of the threaded rods for pipe loops and clamps are precisely defined. The fixing specialist fischer offers sprinkler clamps, U-bolts, threaded rods and studs, clamp hangers and profile hangers which comply with requirements.

VdS CEA 4001 for example requires products with a European Technical Assessment according to ETAG 001/Part 1-4, option 1-6 for single fixings in concrete floors. The fischer bolt anchor FAZ II, the fischer concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II, the fischer high-performance anchor FH II, the fischer Zykon anchor FZA  and the fischer hammerset anchor FZEA II meet these requirements for anchors in cracked concrete. Compliant with guidelines, the fixings experts recommend the fischer concrete screw FBS 6 and the fischer nail anchor FNA II for multiple fixings of non-loadbearing structures. The fischer internally threaded anchor FPX-I additionally features VdS approval for fixings in lightweight concrete.

Wolfgang Pott

Head of Corporate Communications