Flexible supply system

The fischer installation grid is the flexible solution for the safe, neat and optically-convincing laying of pipe, data and supply lines in production buildings. The system allows more freedom of design and flexibility throughout the building’s entire operating life. The modular set up saves time and costs during assembly, while refitting production plants or while reutilizing spaces or buildings.
A modular production layout setup is one of the crucial success factors for efficient assembly. The optimal interaction between operation processes and technical building equipment can also be a contributing factor. The affordable and flexibly-adjustable fixer installation grid offers its users a number of variants, in order to assemble media lines in a neat and process-safe manner – a further success factor in the plant of the future. The FUS channels serve as a base element, as does the FVS cross connector, which enables a rail grid of the same level.

The installation grid is significantly more economical than a common ceiling installation when taking the entire lifecycle of a production facility into consideration. The one-off costs during installation already pay off after less than two changes in position of the connected plants, machines and work stations.

The channels and special fixings from the fischer installation grid create an operative center plane above the production level. A grid dimension of 3 m to 1.5 m is determined depending on the required area loads. The installation grid can therefore absorb a load of up to 8 kN on one mounting point.

The pipes for drinking water installation, vent, heating or cooling water pipes, data and electricity cables, but also supply cables for compressed air, technical gasses, waste air or process fluids can be laid in this manner. The installation grid reduces the media’s energy efficiency due to its shorter supply routes compared to common ceiling installations and due to its hydraulic optimization via the ring supply. Suspended ceilings, cooling and ventilation elements, lamps, cameras or sound-absorbing elements can additionally be architecturally integrated into the construction.

The installation grid thereby offers mounting options for media connections across the entire production area. The standardized configuration of the installation reduces time and cost of planning and refitting when changing the production layout. This flexibility supports futuristic concepts such as Plug & Produce, the synergistic and accompanying method of factory planning.

The fischer installation grid is ideally suited for new constructions, but also for changes of us or renovations of existing buildings. The modular design allows the expenditure of cost and time to be quantified during an expansion.

fischer’s experts support projects with comprehensive services during the planning and execution phase up until the on-site startup. The creation of project-related service itemization texts, the dimensioning of the fastening technology or the structural analysis are just as much a part of this as the calculation of fixed points and the creation of detail drawings and of parts lists.

Wolfgang Pott

Head of Corporate Communications