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fischer launches new FIS EM Plus campaign with the epoxy system as a talking point

The fixing specialist fischer is launching a wide-scale campaign for its FIS EM Plus epoxy system in mid-September. As part of this, the company is providing in-depth information on the advantages of its professional solution that covers a diverse range of project applications. The cross-media campaign involves a wide range of information and services across all channels.

fischer is launching a wide-scale international campaign in mid-September in order to inform structural engineers, planners, architects and professional users about the properties and benefits of the FIS EM Plus injection system. The comprehensive range of information and services includes videos, a separate microsite, brochures, white papers, seminars and much more. 

New clips on fischer’s online and social media channels memorably outline the advantages and applications of the professional solution. There will also be expert interviews on the performance, applications and approvals of the FIS EM Plus. Additional videos provide exclusive insights into the fischer chemical site in Denzlingen. The clips show how the Made in Germany product is produced and how the Development, Product Management and Production departments work together under one roof, guaranteeing high-quality products. All the injection systems such as the FIS EM Plus are not only produced in Germany but are also developed by the in-house research department. As part of the campaign, fischer will be posting example of construction projects where the FIS EM Plus professional solution was used. These specific examples outline some of the applications that the injection system was used for as well as the advantages that come into effect. Some of the example projects of epic proportions include the world’s longest sea crossing, China’s Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the 100-year-old St. Pauli Elbtunnel in Hamburg as well as the world’s tallest statue, India's Statue of Unity.

The company also summarizes the key advantages of the injection mortar on a separate microsite as well as in a new brochure on the FIS EM Plus. A new whitepaper, available to download free of charge, informs structural engineers and anyone interested about key information on the applications of the FIS EM Plus injection mortar in combination with system components for anchorages in sealing surfaces (according to Germany’s water resources law (WRL)). The fixing system allows facilities storing water-polluting substances to be fastened securely, thereby protecting the ground water on the long term. There is also a separate microsite and brochure specifically for anchorages in sealing surfaces. 

The fixing specialist also keeps planners, structural engineers and other target groups up to date with fixing solutions and applicable regulations through the online and in-person training sessions at the fischer Academy. This currently includes seminars on the latest developments as well as on design and planning as well as practical applications of the FIS EM Plus professional solution. 

One mortar for many applications 
Together with its system components, fischer FIS EM Plus permanently and safely transfers heavy loads into concrete even under the most extreme of conditions. Its two European Technical Assessments (ETAs) and its ICC approval for the USA and countries in the Far East comprise fastenings in concrete in addition to post-installed rebar connections and an extended service life of 100 years. The Stuttgart engineering office IEA has furthermore certified that anchorages with the fischer FIS EM Plus have a service life of 120 years. 

The injection mortar has been approved for seismic applications in performance categories C1 and C2 (ETA) and categories A to F in accordance with the ICC-ESR. It is also a safe choice for water-filled drill holes and in the event of fire (fire resistance class R240). The epoxy resin mortar can be processed in low temperatures of up to -5°C. Its ICC approval additionally includes underwater installation. The injection mortar can also be used in diamond drilled drill holes in concrete without requiring additional roughening or associated procedures and tools. 

The FIS EM Plus has officially been declared suitable for anchorages in sealing surfaces in combination with system components. The German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) issued the mortar with a general design approval for a fixing system for the very first time, confirming its usability in liquid-proof concrete (LP/LPP concrete) for various media groups. An expert report based on tests by an accredited testing institute also certifies the compound anchor’s suitability in coated concrete. 


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Structural engineers can plan and use the FIS EM Plus for countless fixing tasks to fulfil custom project requirements in an ideal, compliant and flexible manner.

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The new brochure on the FIS EM Plus (pictured) summarizes the main advantages of the injection mortar.

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In addition to printed documents and seminars, fischer is also launching a large range of information services online and on social media about the FIS EM Plus. Videos provide examples of the injection system’s advantages, such as its working life of 120 years (pictured).

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A powerful key visual for fischer’s professional solution: With the FIS EM Plus, fischer offers a fully reliable compound anchor for high load-bearing capacity in concrete (C20/25 to C50/60), for post-installed rebar connections and anchorages compliant with Germany’s water resources act.

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As part of its FIS EM Plus campaign, the fixing specialist fischer will be presenting reference projects through social media posts as well as on the microsite and website featuring the professional solution. This includes the world’s longest sea crossing, China’s Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

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