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The fischer Group of Companies at the World Tunnel Congress

The fischer Group of Companies will be presenting a selection of fixing and system solutions and services for tunnel construction projects at the World Tunnel Congress in Athens from 15 to 18 May. In addition to steel and chemical heavy-duty fixings, the exhibition stand in Zone D, booth L6 will also feature installation and fire protection systems in addition to inserts (fischer anchor channels). fischer’s experts will also be speaking to visitors about its services, which include supporting its partners throughout every construction phase until the project’s successful completion.

“As a partner to global tunnel construction projects, our company must not miss the chance to attend the World Tunnel Congress, the world’s highest-attended tunnel construction conference”, says Dr Oliver Geibig, Managing Director Business Units & Engineering at the fischer Group of Companies. “We look forward to speaking to visitors at our trade fair booth. Receiving direct feedback on our exhibition topics and discussing current tunnel construction projects and the latest industry developments is very valuable to us and gives us inspiration for new ideas”. The company will be presenting a selection of its innovations and classic products and services for tunnel construction to an audience of approximately 2,000 professionals in zone D, booth L6 at the international Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (MAICC) in Athens. The company will be exhibiting its BIM solutions in line with the conference’s theme and a programme based on intelligent technology and advanced digital tools for tunnel construction.

fischer’s range of BIM services includes digital twins of relevant fischer product and system portfolios, including inserts (fischer anchor channels) as well as installation, fire protection and facade systems. Other topics will include fischer’s BIM engineering services to select, design and model fischer fixing and system solutions and create project-specific digital models and components optimised according to customer requirements. The exhibitor will furthermore be showcasing its Field to BIM services for surveying and modelling existing structures. Other topics of discussion will include fischer’s BIM to Field support for transferring planning data from a BIM model to a real building site as well as the new fischer BauBot robot. The BauBot can create drill holes and install fischer fixing solutions in walls, floors and ceilings.

fischer’s FiXperience software will also be exhibited at the booth. It allows fixing solutions for entire projects and individual applications to be planned with precision and efficiency. The software is valid worldwide in terms of current European application documents (ETA) and corresponding standards in addition to further applicable national and international design standards. fischer FiXperience Suite is also available as an online browser version containing the C-FIX module as well as a desktop version with specialist application modules for seven different trades. In addition to its digital solutions, fischer will showcase its other services for tunnel construction projects. Support options range from consultation and design services, approval procedures and training all the way to on-site briefing and installation support. 

Exhibited products will include innovations and classics that have been tested in accordance with European and international standards and in most cases have ETA (European Technical Assessment) as well as UL and ICC approvals for the USA and countries in the Far East. fischer’s fixing and system solutions made of stainless and highly corrosion-resistant steel are suitable for highly corrosive atmospheres often or temporarily found in road and rail tunnels. They are also safe in the event of fire as well as in case of fatigue, seismic and impact influences. 

Products exhibited in Athens will include fischer’s system solutions for tunnel construction and other projects. fischer installation systems cover almost any application involving fastening and guiding supply lines underground and in other structures with many different variants in hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel for lightweight to heavy loads. Planners and users can combine the required modular components depending on the building situation and the circumference of the pipes. 

Other system solutions presented by the exhibitor include its fischer anchor channel systems for various fastening tasks in tunnel construction and other projects. Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, the systems are also suitable for heavy and demanding applications. The cast-in fixing solutions are adaptable, flexible and make construction projects quicker and easier while preventing damage to the existing concrete construction, for instance through post-installed drill holes. The new InnoLock FES generation of anchor channels provides the advantage of significantly higher performance capacity. The exhibitor will also be presenting its FireStop range for structural fire protection. This range has a suitable, user-friendly and efficient solution for simple and complex applications in tunnel construction and other projects. 

fischer’s specialist fixing solutions for tunnel construction will also be presented. Its wide range of steel anchors and chemical solutions cover almost any temporary and permanent anchorages for the successful execution of underground construction work.

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An industry barometer for tunnel construction: Every major international tunnel construction company traditionally attends the accompanying exhibition at the World Tunnel Congress. The fischer Group of Companies will be attending to exhibit its fixing solutions and services used in tunnel construction projects around the world, such as the Brenner Base Tunnel (pictured).

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Intelligently combining digital and real elements: fischer’s BIM services comprise digital twins of relevant products and predefined components as well as custom BIM engineering, Field to BIM and BIM to Field solutions and services.

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Planning fastening solutions for entire projects and individual applications in a targeted and cost-optimised manner: standard parameters and just a few clicks are sufficient to obtain the necessary verification with fischer’s FiXperience design software.

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Safety in the event of fire: The fischer FireStop range provides structural fire protection to tunnel construction projects and many other projects around the globe.

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Clever system solutions: Pre-assembled and cast-in fischer anchor channel systems are adaptable and flexible, make construction projects simpler and faster and prevent damage to existing concrete constructions.

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Selim Gezener

Press relations officer
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