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fischer FIS V Plus universal mortar

With a service life of 100 years in concrete, fischer offers permanent safety and robustness with the universal injection mortar FIS V Plus. The mortar’s endurance has been confirmed by an assessment (ETA). The latest generation of fischer’s universal mortars further increases the bond strength in concrete by up to 45 per cent with an expanded range of applications.
Solid brick, perforated brick or concrete, steel structures, consoles, facades, rescue ladders or cable runs – the FIS V Plus allows planners and tradespeople to design and carry out multiple fixing tasks with just one product. Any kind of wood structure can also be permanently and securely anchored in all conventional solid and perforated bricks as well as concrete with the FIS V Plus. The universal mortar can be used for fixings in concrete and all conventional types of masonry. The FIS V Plus is suitable for post-installed rebar connections, water-filled drill holes and seismic applications in performance categories C1 and C2. The injection mortar is also the safe choice in the event of fire (fire resistance class R120). 

Using the mortar is quick and simple: The FIS V Plus is injected into the cleaned drill hole into which the system component is inserted to fasten the attachment part – such as the FIS A or RG M anchor rods in solid building materials, available in many different diameter versions (M6 to M30 in concrete and M6 to M16 in masonry). Its variable anchoring depths allow it to be adapted to the application and load requirement. There are also internal threaded anchors for applications in concrete (RG M I) and masonry (FIS E) as well as many other system components. 

fischer dispensers allow quick and easy processing of the two-component injection mortar on a vinyl ester resin basis. Upon activating the dispenser, the two separately stored resin and hardener components are mixed together and activated in the static mixer. Opened cartridges can be reused. The anchor sleeve FIS HK can additionally be used in perforated construction materials. This ensures that the mortar is evenly distributed exactly where it is needed when inserting the anchor rod, guaranteeing low mortar use with an optimum fit in the chambers of the masonry stone. 

A large selection of suitable system components provides a broad range of possible applications. In addition to anchor rods, internal threaded anchors and injection anchor sleeves for fixings in indoor and outdoor concrete, aerated concrete and masonry, there is also a special range for numerous specialist applications. These include the stand-off installation system Thermax 12 and 16 to install fastenings through external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) into the load-bearing base practically without thermal bridges, the fischer remedial wall tie VBS 8 for the post-installation needling of double-leaf masonry and the FWS II weather facing reconstruction system for the post-installation securing of triple-layered external wall panels made of concrete. Together with the fischer concrete-concrete shear connector FCC-H, the FIS V Plus is the fast and efficient system with a building approval for structural renovation. fischer also offers the FRA rebar anchor. This concrete steel bar with a welded metric connection thread made of stainless steel in sizes M12 – M20 fully utilises the load-bearing capacity of the anchor substrate together with the FIS V Plus and can transfer high tensile loads in concrete while maintaining a low distance to the edge.

fischer is therefore expanding its range of injection mortars with the new FIS VW Plus High Speed, which enables quick work progress with its short curing time even in low temperatures. Like the FIS V Plus, it can be used for a wide range of applications and systems in concrete as well as in all conventional types of masonry.

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Unaffected by old age: The optimised generation of fischer universal mortars provides improved bond stress for applications in concrete with an assessed (ETA) service life of up to 100 years. The FIS V Plus is suitable for almost any type of application with its multitude of system approvals and suitable accessories.

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Planners and tradespeople can design and implement almost any standard construction fastening tasks with the FIS V Plus and the wide range of approved system components.

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