The kings of the plastic plugs

fischer DuoLine marketing campaign

Strength, a firm bite and high jumping power - these are all features shared by majestic lions and the fischer DuoLine product family. This is highlighted by the fixing expert's current marketing campaign which focuses on the various applications of the plastic plugs.

“No compromise. Maximum performance.” – these are qualities you can rely on with the plastic plugs of the fischer Group of Companies. In addition to the well-known DuoPower, the product family also includes the DuoSeal, which fastens and seals in one step, the DuoTec toggle anchor, the DuoBlade panel anchor as well as the recently introduced DuoXpand frame fixing. fischer is launching a comprehensive marketing campaign to increase awareness of the range. The lion that appears in the advertisements serves as a symbolic representation of the strong fixing solutions by representing various product characteristics of the DuoXpand, including a firm bite (maximum retaining values), soft paws (gentle expansion) and high jumping power (suitable for various anchoring depths). 

The campaign’s objective is to highlight the many advantages and applications of each product. The lion’s high running speed corresponds to the fast installation of the self-drilling DuoBlade plug, for instance. Its agility represents the flexible use of the DuoPower universal fixing in every construction material. A leap into the cool water represents the DuoSeal’s sealing function, while the overcoming of obstacles is symbolic of the DuoTec's functions. The general strengths and the jumping power of the lion refer to the high load values of the new DuoXpand frame fixing. The aim of the cross-media campaign is to further increase awareness of the range, particularly among do-it-yourselfers and tradespeople. Each fixing solution gets its own advertising materials and a corresponding video in which a lion represents the strengths of each member of the DuoLine range, the kings of the plastic plugs. 

fischer is using the film and the advertising material on its online and social media channels as well as classic print media around the globe. There are also ads and online banners on various websites. Additional marketing materials include attention-grabbing points of sale materials such as displays, posters and shelf stoppers. 

The video on fischer’s DuoLine can be found here:

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Image 1:

The king of the frame fixings: fischer DuoXpand shares various characteristics with the lion, from its strength and bite to its high jumping power.

Image: fischer DuoXpand visual

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Plastic plugs as strong as a lion: The king of the animal kingdom serves as a symbolic representation of the product features of many DuoLine products.

Image: fischer DuoLine visual

The video on fischer DuoLine product family can be found here.

Katharina Siegel-Rieck

Press Relations Officer
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