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fischer launches DuoXpand frame fixing

The fixing specialist fischer is launching its new DuoXpand frame fixing on the market. The ingenious combination of materials and design as well as various anchoring depths that suit the respective anchor substrate guarantee a secure and flexible application in solid and hollow construction materials. In addition to a hexagon head, the plug is also available with a countersunk head screw, making it suitable for various metal and timber applications.

The fastening expert fischer is presenting the newcomer to its successful fischer DuoLine with the new DuoXpand frame fixing. The product family now consists of five intelligent plugs with an innovative combination of materials. With its latest addition, the DuoLine now covers multiple applications and construction materials. The ingenious combination of materials and design guarantees a particularly firm bite in all anchor substrates. 

The special lamella geometry gently expands in the respective construction material while the intelligent design guarantees even load distribution in solid building materials. In perforated brick, the lamellae expand along the stone fillet and form an undercut in the cavities. Thanks to its gentle force transmission even in porous construction materials, fractures are avoided and anchorages can be placed close to edges without issue. Made of high-quality nylon, the grey main body offers a strong hold while the red material component ensures flexibility and optimal expansion. The European Technical Assessment (ETA) for multiple use for non-structural systems certifies its secure hold in all building material classes. The expansion element with two anchoring depths increases flexibility with 50 mm in concrete, solid and hollow construction materials and 70 mm in all building material classes, from concrete to aerated concrete. Two additional anchoring depths of 140 and 160 mm expand the range of applications to hollow construction materials with large cavities.
DuoXpand is available with a countersunk head screw and a conical shaped plug rim, variants which are particularly suitable for timber construction fastenings. The additional DuoXpand FUS versions with hexagon screws and moulded washers also allow a diverse range of metal construction applications, during which the wide plug rim avoids contact corrosion between the fixture and screw for a permanent, secure fixing. The respective version with a countersunk head or a hexagon screw can be used to carry out facade, ceiling and roof substructures made of wood and metal. The frame fixing’s wide range of applications also includes windows, gates and doors, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, joists, beams, TV units, wall claddings, metal brackets and much more. 

The product is simple and easy to use: Simply position the fixture with the DuoXpand using the push-through installation method, tighten with the screw, and done. The object is now permanently and safely anchored. The pre-mounted safety screw is perfectly suited to the plug and saves time during installation. At market launch, the DuoXpand is available in countersunk head and hexagon screw variants in diameters of 8 and 10 and plug lengths of 80 to 120 mm (diameter 8) and 80 to 230 mm (diameter 10).


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Smart anchoring with bite: The DuoXpand guarantees gentle force transmission in hollow construction materials and even load distribution in solid building materials. Hexagon and countersunk head screw versions are suitable for multiple applications in metal and timber construction. Anchoring depths adapted to the construction material offer additional flexibility.

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The fifth member of fischer’s DuoLine family: fischer DuoXpand is an intelligent plug with an innovative combination of materials. Its grey nylon main body guarantees a firm hold, while the red material component flexibly activates the ideal expansion function for the respective building material.

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A clever shaft for a high retention force: With its intelligent design, the DuoXpand frame fixing gently expands in the lamellae along the stone fillet in perforated brick and forms an undercut in the cavities, guaranteeing even load distribution in solid building materials.

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Sophisticated from the plug rim to the expanding part: DuoXpand activates the most suitable function in solid and hollow construction materials, guaranteeing high retention forces and permanent safety.

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Katharina Siegel-Rieck

Press Relations Officer fischer fixing systems,
fischer Electronic Solutions