Hanging Christmas decorations

Festive fastening trends

Christmas decorations and lights give the home a bright and festive atmosphere during the darker months of the year. Securely attaching decorative elements to walls and ceilings allows you to save lots of space while keeping objects out of the reach of children and pets. Clever products allow decorations to be attached to walls and ceilings with ease, speed and safety.

Securely attaching Christmas decorations and lights to ceilings or walls can save lots of space. It also provides added safety, as children, cats and dogs can run riot in a free space without knocking over fragile objects or candles. Festively decorated wreaths, pine garlands, fairy lights or stockings can all be quickly and easily attached with fischer’s No Tools, Just Hands products. 

As part of this range, the picture claw is ideal for attaching lightweight objects weighing up to 8 kg to the wall, such as fairy lights or hanging lanterns and Christmas stockings. Gypsum plasterboard, plaster and soft wood make suitable fastening substrates. Simply push the picture claw into the walls using your thumb and hang the objects from the hook - and done. The claw can be removed and reused leaving almost no trace. The adhesive hook from the No Tools, Just Hands range can be used to fasten medium-weight lights or larger branches, pine garlands and wreaths to walls or ceilings. It is suitable for all smooth and rough load-bearing surfaces. Users simply need to apply the adhesive provided to the reverse side of the hook before pressing it against the wall or ceiling for at least 10 seconds and the object is ready to be hanged after 15 minutes depending on its weight. It has a full load-bearing capacity of up to 10 kg achieved after 2 hours depending on the anchor substrate. The adhesive hook can easily be removed with pliers.

“Heavy weights” such as large, elaborately decorated branches, wreaths or entire upside-down Christmas trees can only be securely installed with a plug and screw hook. The right fastener must be selected for the corresponding fixing objects, construction material and load to which the fixture will be subjected. The fischer DuoPower plug is the safe choice in solid building materials such as concrete or solid bricks and is available with a suitable screw hook. It combines multiple functions and will therefore also work in perforated brick as an alternative. The fischer DuoTec 10 is recommended for a reliable hold in board materials and comes supplied with a round hook. For other construction materials or exceptional cases, do-it-yourselfers should contact experts such as the Application Engineers at the fischer Group of Companies. 

fischer Fill & Fix is recommended for removing fastened screw hooks. It is a liquid plug that fills the drill hole before curing within a short space of time. Simply sand and paint the surface and it will look as new. Alternatively, the No Tools, Just Hands repair filler can be used to fill in the drill hole. Apply the filler and smooth it out using the integrated scraper. The filler has the same conventional white colour of the wallpaper so that it often won’t require painting over, although this can be done in case of varying colours.

Hanging wreaths are a stylish trend this year. The decorative elements look good suspended from the ceiling and can be used to achieve an impressive chandelier effect with LED lights or candles. Suspended wreaths also create room on lavishly decked tables while being out of the reach of children and pets. Flickering LED lights create a festive atmosphere and have the advantage of not posing a fire hazard or dripping wax, unlike real candles.

Once again, lightweight and medium-weight wreaths can be attached to the ceiling with the No Tools, Just Hands adhesive hook. The advantage is that the product can easily be removed after the festive season without leaving a trace. Heavy wreaths must be fastened to the ceiling with a stable screw hook and a suitable plug, however. 

With the right fastening, hanging Christmas decorations offer many advantages and make the festive season extra special.


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Securely fastening Christmas decorations to walls and ceilings saves space and offers room for carefree celebrations.

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Wreaths to the rafters: This fastening trend provides the wow factor when entertaining family and guests and offers practical advantages such as more space and added safety. 

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Decorations all along the walls: Christmas stockings and much more can be securely fastened with the No Tools, Just Hands picture claw, for example. 

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Festive Christmas decorations and lighting provide a merry atmosphere during the grey months. Be it arrangements, pine garlands, branches, wreaths, fairy lights or Christmas stockings - professional fastenings are crucial for the safety of family and guests. 

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