New fischer Power-Fast II chipboard screw

Engineering meets top-tier design

The fixings specialist fischer has launched a new chipboard screw that combines technological knowhow and high-quality design with the fischer Power-Fast II. The screw guarantees high load-bearing capacity for all applications in anchors, softwood and hardwood, chipboards, as well as with short edge distances and metal fittings, all while being particularly quick and easy to install.

The fischer Power-Fast II was launched at the start of the year and has already won the German Design Award 2020 in the “Building and Elements” category.

The new screw makes installations quicker and easier due to its fast bite and short screw-in time, as well as its many technical ingenuities and sophisticated geometry. The tip of the screw with its three ribs results in the Power-Fast II’s quick bite and pre-milling behaviour, allowing the screw to be placed quickly without causing the workpiece to split. Furthermore, the innovative core-milling geometry allows precise milling while efficiently carving out the wood dust, enabling short edge and axial spacing. Specialist shank ribs combined with the core-milling geometry noticeably reduce the screw-in resistance, allowing more screws to be processed per battery charge due to a longer battery life and less expenditure of energy. The higher thread pitch furthermore significantly reduces the time it takes to screw in the fixing. The new bit exchange system saves additional time by reducing the number of bit changes to just two exchanges in the diameter range of 3.0-6.0 mm.

Using the Power-Fast II additionally enhances the look and feel of surfaces. The screw features a specialist geometry beneath the head with an optimised double cone and milled pockets, thereby preventing tears to wood surfaces and wood materials as well as damages to metal components. The Power-Fast II is available in numerous different sizes with a countersunk and fillister head as well as a pan head.

The broad new range of screws is available in zinc-plated, blue passivated and bonus zinc variants. The material and coating does not contain any chromium VI, making it highly environmentally friendly. The properties of the Power-Fast II screw also provide practical advantages: the high-performance wax coating reduces the screw-in torque, for instance, which makes batteries last longer while requiring less effort when inserting the screw.

The Power-Fast II screw can be used in all plugs, in softwood and hardwood as well as in chipboard. It can also be used with short edge distances and in combination with metal fittings. This means that users will only require one single screw for multiple fixing tasks, saving time and storage space as there is no need to store many different individual products. In order to cover a broad range of applications, the Power-Fast II has an innovative screw geometry which allow it to be used with tested loads in plugs (such as the fischer DUOPOWER) as well as for safe connections between wood components and between metal and wood. The Power-Fast II can therefore also be used for flexible applications in load-bearing wood constructions in order to connect solid wood (softwood and hardwood), laminated wood, laminated beam timber, board plywood, veneered laminated timber as well as similar glue-laminated wood components and wood material boards. It is also suitable for connecting metal fittings, brackets, joist hangers and other components to wood materials.

Overall, fischer’s broad range of wood screws covers all carpenter, joiner and wood constructor applications with the respective suitable drive forces, heads, threads and material variants and sizes. Drill bits, thread geometries and slide coatings attuned to fixing projects ensure a quick bite and drill progress for simple installation without pre-drilling in softwood. This saves time, effort and battery power. According to the new European Technical Assessment (ETA), it is now possible to screw into hardwood without pre-drilling. The ETA also regulates the use of tangential impact screw drivers. The technology and specialist head shapes of fischer’s screws also enable gap-free and non-splintering installation close to the edge.

In addition to these “helpers” for carpenters, joiners and wood constructors, fischer also offers other screws specifically for the installation of decking boards, flap joints, MDF boards, for laying decking, and many other applications.


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The new fischer Power-Fast II enables particularly economic, reliable and fast connections between wood, metal and wood and applications with plastic plugs.

Image: fischer

The new fischer Power-Fast II enables particularly economic, reliable and fast connections between wood, metal and wood and applications with plastic plugs.

Image: fischer

The fischer Power-Fast II chipboard screw is setting new standards in design and technology. The newcomer to fischer’s wide range of screws combines a quick bite, short processing times and high load-bearing capacity, all while being visually appealing.

Image: fischer

Katharina Siegel

Press relations officer
fischer fixing systems