Getting the chemistry right

A strong compound for a firm hold

fischer’s chemical fixings transfer heavy loads into anchoring bases and overcome extreme construction site conditions such as moisture while being heat and cold resistant. With resin capsules, injection mortars, threaded rods, internal threaded rods, anchor sleeves, accessories and processing equipment, fischer provides the right approved system for any application.
As well as applications in concrete, the injection mortar FIS V is also suitable for anchorings in solid and perforated masonry as well as aircrete in accordance with the European Technical Approval (ETA). Its suitability for numerous special applications has been officially confirmed by a general technical approval.

The comprehensive range of accessories which is optimally suited to the injection mortar family enables a high level of flexibility and a broad range of possible applications. This allows diverse anchoring tasks to be implemented, for example with the FIS V High Speed with its shorter curing times which speeds up the work progress.
The Highbond System FHB II allows the secure anchoring of heavy loads in concrete. Additional safety is provided by the ETA Option 1 for cracked concrete and the Swiss shock approval. The performance of the styrene-free vinyl ester mortar combined with the corresponding anchor rod results in a high level of cost efficiency: fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are sufficient in order to achieve a secure hold. There is a range of economic system components available which are suited to the respective requirements and cases of application: the injection mortar FIS HB and the resin capsule FHB II-P or the FHB II-PF HIGH SPEED are each used with the anchor rod FHB II-A and achieve the same level of performance.
While the injection mortar FIS HB is ideally suited to series installation due to its large container shape of 145 ml (FIS HB 150 C) or 360 ml (FIS HB 345 S), the mortar capsule FHB II-P or alternately FHB II-PF HIGH SPEED is the first choice for individual applications. The use of a capsule achieves optimal adhesion even without cleaning the drill hole, therefore saving time during installation. The FHB II-PF HIGH SPEED reduces waiting times due to curing particularly quickly thanks to its special formulation.

With its silane technology, the fischer injection mortar FIS SB achieves a high bond stress for a strong performance and high level of security which is confirmed by its ETA for concrete and seismic loads. Numerous system components cover a broad range of both indoor and outdoor applications. The variable anchoring depths optimise the installation time and use of materials.
fischer’s injection mortar FIS EM Plus provides a high-quality epoxy resin mortar for high load-bearing capacities in concrete and category C1 and C2 seismic applications. The injection mortar is processed with the approved system components and is ideal for rebar connections installed with a large drill hole diameter and a high anchoring depth. It can also be used for diamond-drilled and water-filled drill holes.

In addition, an entirely new formula was created for a sustainable mortar. The components of the FIS GREEN 300 T from fischer’s greenline include biocomponents with various functions: reactive resins, fillers, additives, plasticisers and thermoplastic polymers. The DIN CERTCO confirms its composition of natural and renewable resources. Tests show that it achieves the same performances as the petrochemical-based original. It is therefore especially suitable for high loads in concrete  as well as in both indoor and outdoor solid and perforated masonry.

The FIS GREEN has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Construction and Environment (IBU) as a data basis for an ecological building assessment. The label describes a product’s environmental influence across its entire life cycle based on ISO and EU standards. The increased environmental health and improved occupational protection through the reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) certifies the product’s classification in the French A+ “very low in emissions” emission class. The product is also free of any dangerous substances.

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fischer offers the optimal respective fixing solution for installation objects in many construction materials with its broad range of chemical fixing systems. Image: fischer

Katharina Siegel

Press relations officer
fischer fixing systems