Heavy-duty performance for heavy pipes

fischer massive channel system FMS

Heavy installations in building services as well in industry and plant construction are mostly mounted with secondary steel constructions. This type of pipe support requires its own planning and preassembly. On-site installation often leads to delays due to structural tolerances. Heavy systems can be implemented in a more flexible and efficient manner with the new fischer massive heavy-duty system FMS.

Using the fischer massive heavy-duty system FMS in order to install heavy pipes and cable trays leads to a 30% cost reduction in comparison to secondary steel construction due to reduced construction and installation times. The overall cost is therefore considerably lower. Difficulties are avoided during every construction step: Starting with individual static calculations of conventional steel constructions to their pre-assembly and the associated transport all the way to delays on the construction site. There is also no need for time-consuming on-site adjustments involving sawing and welding – thereby reducing the associated risks and the generation of inhalable and harmful dusk. This also avoids the need for an additional coat of paint following installation. The fixing construction with the FMS system weighs less overall while the load-bearing structure can be erected entirely on the construction site. These are some of the many advantages that innovative technology permits.

Profiles and construction elements can be assembled into the desired system directly on the construction site in just a few steps and without preassembly. The profiles merely need to be cut to length at a right angle. This avoids waste, thereby reducing the cost of materials. The pre-assembled construc-tion elements require no further welding or processing on the construction site, making installation faster and easy while reducing both time and cost.

The square hollow profiles FMP reduce the weight compared to  similar  steel constructions and are easier to use on the building site. The channel profiles have all-round formholes that enable the secure, error-free and form-fit installation of the construction elements. The FMHB hammerhead push-connectors are attached by using either pre or push-through installation. The universal connectors meanwhile allow the construction to easily be changed, so that changing on-site conditions can be reacted to in a quicker manner. The connector’s variability in connection with the large construc-tion elements enables simple adjustment during installation and the quick alignment of line routes. Subsequent mounting to existing structures and adapting existing constructions is not an issue. The optional safety nut provides a secure hold even to dynamic loads.

The entire product range is hot-dip galvanised, which guarantees that there is no need for subsequent coatings during processing on the building site. This also leads to an easier and faster installation process. Compared to the average zinc coating thickness of approximately 40 μm, the hot-dip galvanisation of the massive profile FMP is almost double as high at  min. 75 μm. This increases the product’s average protection duration by years. The increased corrosion protection of the hot-dip galvanised FMP variant with a high coating thickness is particularly suitable for outdoor installations.

fischer offers corresponding data for various structural analysis software applications for an uncomplicated planning process. The BIM data, 3D data and load details provide reliable support during the planning and calculation of all types of construction. The calculation data is based on applicable standards, guaranteeing the required proof. Using the FMS system also creates a fixing base for dynamic loads, making the system universally applicable. Its numerous possible uses include fixed and suspended frame construc-tions, supported constructions with variable connectors and any kind of heavy pipe or cable tray installations.


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Efficient fixing solutions for heavy-duty installations: The FMS makes installing heavy pipes or cable trays significantly easier and faster than using a secondary steel construction and pipe supports.

Image: fischer

Efficient fixing solutions for heavy-duty installations: The FMS makes installing heavy pipes or cable trays significantly easier and faster than using a secondary steel construction and pipe supports.

Image: fischer

FMP massive profiles, FMA 4 angle brackets and FMHB hammer-head connectors can quickly and easily be assembled to the desired construction using the modular design principle.

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Katharina Siegel

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