Cutting to the chase of plasterboards

fischer DUOBLADE added to the intelligent fischer DUO-Line

The fixing specialist fischer is expanding its successful DUO-Line through the addition of a further intelligent anchor with an innovative combination of materials: the selfdrilling plasterboard anchor DUOBLADE. It enables the simple and easy installation in plasterboard, fibreboard and light cement board in combination with screws, hooks and eyebolts.

Whether it be curtain rods, mirrors, blinds, pictures, smoke detectors or lightweight lamps on panelled walls or ceilings – the fischer DUOBLADE enables particularly simple and quick fixings in plasterboard, fibreboard and light cement board. The anchor’s distinguishing mark is its self-drilling sharp metal tip with three effective cutting teeth. The eponymous blade accelerates and simplifies installation while preventing the anchor from deviating. It enables a clean and effective drilling process during which the board structure remains intact. The middle tooth serves as a centring point and permits the precise setting of the anchor for additional safety.

The fischer DUOBLADE is placed using pre-positioned installation. The grey base body made of nylon expends at the appropriate level of single and double plankings. The anchor’s additional expanding effect during the insertion of the screw ensures an optimal attachment and increases the critical load as well as the holding force. In addition, the DUOBLADE’s special length guarantees a significantly lower risk of the anchor breaking out of double planked plasterboard, therefore preventing the weakening of the construction material. The sharp, self-drilling thread ensure quick progress and an optimal fit which increases the holding values. The lateral shaft ribs prevent any co-rotation while the anchor is screwed in. The red element made of polyethylene reinforces and blocks the anchor’s expanding function, providing more stability. Common cross-tip screwdrivers (PZ 2) make installation even easier, as the anchor as well as the supplied screw are placed with this bit, preventing users from having to change tools. The high torque when bearing against the edge of the anchor provides a “feelgood factor” and a sense of reliability. It is important to note that the metal tip is heat-resistant and will not melt during drilling in double plasterboard plankings even in high temperatures.

fischer’s DUOBLADE plasterboard specialists are available in six different variants suitable for various screw sizes. All variants are 44 millimetres long, or 29 millimetres without the drill bit. The minimum hollow space depth is 50 millimetres while the anchor depth is 9.5 millimetres. The minimum screw-in depth of the screw in the anchor is 28 millimetres. When using chipboard screws with a diameter of 4 - 5 mm the load level ranges from 0.08 – 0.34 kN (approx. 8 - 34 kg) depending on the type and thickness of the board. Fibreboard and light cement boards can be up to 12.5 mm thick while plasterboard can have a thickness of up to 2 x 12.5 mm. The fischer DUOBLADE can also be used with 4 - 5 mm wood and sheet metal screws as well as hooks and eyebolts.

The DUOBLADE is an expansion of fischer’s DUO-Line range, which has thus far consisted of the intelligent two-component anchors DUOPOWER and DUOTEC. The fischer DUOPOWER self-activates in the construction material and transfers the highest load levels through its three functions: folding, expanding and knotting. The fischer DUOTEC supports high shear and tensile loads in all board materials and expands behind the board material. Its soft bearing side made of nylon distributes the load on the board’s surface, thereby minimising the impairment of the load-bearing construction material.


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The right choice for plasterboards: with its self-drilling metal tip and its centring function the fischer DUOBLADE guarantees a simple and quick installation. Shaft ribs prevent any co-rotation while the anchor is screwed in.

Image: fischer

A sharp newcomer to fischer’s DUO-Line: the metal tip cuts itself into plasterboard as well as other board materials. The sharp thread provides an ideal fit while the additional expansion effect increases the hold values.

Image: fischer

Katharina Siegel

Press relations officer
fischer fixing systems