fischer fixing systems

Shelves are ideal for rearranging things and ensuring a tidy atmosphere. They provide extra storage and are available in multiple designs to suit different tastes. This particularly applies to DIY shelves that can be cut and designed into any desired or suitable shapes and sizes. Attaching shelves to the wall makes better use of the living space and makes rooms feel particularly airy and generous.
The tradespeople app Craftnote has proven to be a complete success after being launched just a few months ago. The planning app that is actively used by 15,000 tradespeople has already appeared in multiple app store ranking lists: Craftnote made it into Apple’s top 50 apps in the “productivity” category as well as “our favourites of the week”. The tool was also ranked in first place in Google’s Play Store “trends” section.
fischer already has a strong presence in German building supplies stores with its new NO TOOLS JUST HANDS product range. The new tool-free fixings range was only launched last year and is now available at over 480 DIY and specialist stores, and counting. The next step is to expand into the international market under the banner NO TOOLS JUST HANDS.
The rear-ventilated façade of the new “Cedar” administration building in Kastav, Croatia has the appearance of a gigantic 3D puzzle. The travertine slabs used to cover each of the five facade and roof surfaces are almost all of differing sizes that had to be correctly cut, positioned and attached. Substructure systems by BWM Fassadensysteme GmbH were used for the secure installation of the natural stone slabs. The firm is part of the fischer Group of Companies.
A new record construction in China: the country inaugurated the world’s longest sea crossing and the largest infrastructure project currently being implemented on water in October 2018 after nine years of construction. The project of the century spans the Pearl River Delta across 55 kilometres, connecting the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and Macau with Guangdong Province (Zhuhai city) on the mainland. fischer’s chemical and mechanical fixing systems provide a secure hold to several buildings on the artificial Zhuhai Port island.