Education training in Italy

fischer Consulting Italia has established a partnership with the education and training company Niuko Innovation & Knowledge. The aim of the cooperation is to provide support to companies in the Venice region for improving their production and administration processes.

The cooperation with Niuko is a mile stone for our business development in Italy’, as General Manager Federico Lazzarini says. ‘The aim of the partnership is to transform companies into organisations that are sustainably and independently successful by creating a lasting culture of innovation, improvement and growth.’

As a first joint activity, the two partners recently held a seminar at fischer Consulting Italia in Padua/Northern Italy. 20 trades people and managers from the manufacturing industry and other industries attended in order to come to grips with the Hoshin Kanri method. During the event, participants were shown through presentations and discussions which requirements need to be met in order to successfully implement the planning and control system Hoshin Kanri.

fischer Consulting Italia was founded in 2017 in Padua/Northern Italy as a subsidiary from fischer Consulting in Germany. fischer Consulting is part of the globally-active fischer group of companies.

The range of services from fischer Consulting Italia comprises integrated consultation that not only takes place in the training rooms, but also in the companies themselves, if required.

Courses on offer include basic training based on the principles and tools of lean management, as well as specialised courses for people in positions of responsibility at the companies. Furthermore, so-called “vertical paths” are demonstrated, which require the use of certain methods: problem solving, shopfloor management, and operating standard management.

The range of services is completed by a benchmark tour through our fischer Italia subsidiary, so that the workshop participants can visualise the practical application of the fischer ProcessSystem’s methods and tools.


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fischer Consulting Italia started a cooperation with the education and training company Niuko Innovation & Knowledge. Picture: Jakob Studnar

Sandra Roth

Press relations officer
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