fischer Consulting

The sawmill industry in Germany processes more than 35 million cubic metres of timber per year, almost 100 percent of which comes from domestic woodland. However, modern sawmills are no longer the romantic watermills set in the idyllic countryside that you’d imagine. There are around 2000 plants in the sector, all working with powerful and efficient sawmill technology which is partly operated in the Cloud. Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co. KG operates the largest hardwood sawmills in Europe. At its site in Aschaffenburg, Pollmeier is aiming for a targeted problem solving culture with the newly established Shopfloor Management.
The innovative balcony producer Bonda, based in Wachstedt in Thuringia, produces 3000 balconies per year, exclusively in Germany. Using the consulting services provided by fischer Consulting, Bonda was able to increase its output by 25 percent. During the workshops and after a comprehensive analysis, fischer Consulting focused on collaborative partnership and the development of standardised, low-waste flow production.
fischer Consulting Italia has optimised the logistics company BSB Logistica near Milan as its official partner for two years. The consulting firm helps them to make existing logistics models leaner and to further optimise processes. BSB Logistica has achieved measurable savings through their help and can provide an improved level of service to its customers in terms of advice and support.
fischer Consulting Italia has established a partnership with the education and training company Niuko Innovation & Knowledge. The aim of the cooperation is to provide support to companies in the Venice region for improving their production and administration processes.
fischer Consulting GmbH, headquartered in the northern Black Forrest, is expanding its business activities in Asia with the lately founded new subsidiary fischer Business Consulting Co. Ltd..