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fischer Automotive involved in electric supercars

Chinese vehicle manufacturers are now one of the leaders in developing and producing high-quality, innovative electric vehicles. Numerous models are currently being launched, including several in the European market. Products made by fischer Automotive in Taicang play a key role in many of these models, as they enhance the quality of the vehicles.
Xiapoeng Motors is setting the standard with the G9 electric vehicle. With headquarters in Guangzhou, the manufacturer has just launched its latest model. Among other features, the top-class crossover boasts an innovative electro platform that can be recharged at S4 charging stations with up to 480 kilowatts thanks to a silicone carbide battery. The G9 is said to reach an added 200 km in range in five minutes thanks to the 800 V charge. The vehicle has a total range of 700 kilometres.

fischer Automotive’s Chinese subsidiary developed and contributed air vents and a charger socket cover to the vehicle. The electrically operated socket cover for e-vehicle charging points is always locked for safety reasons and is almost imperceptible from the outside. The cover is illuminated with LEDs and can be opened and closed using a key, switch or hand gesture. The module is operated by actuators which convert the control unit’s signals or commands. Should the electronics ever fail, an emergency release provides access to the charging socket. Another notable feature is the cover, which opens inwards, whereas most systems in Europe open outwards. The cover has also been designed to permanently resist environmental influences and temperature fluctuations.

fischer Automotive’s air nozzles seamlessly blend into the G9’s high-quality interior with three freestanding displays.

The all-electric SEAL limousine by the vehicle manufacturer BYD (“Build Your Dreams“) also comes equipped with air vents by fischer Automotive in the world’s most populated country. At market launch, the vehicle measures 4.80 metres in length and has two electric motors that generate a total of 517 HP. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle reaches 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. The electric vehicles from BYD and Xiaopeng will be available on the German market over the coming months. 

fischer’s Chinese subsidiary has been a popular supplier of high-quality mechanical components for years. The success of this site within the Group of Companies is also evidenced by the Supplier Quality Improvement Award, with which fischer Automotive was honoured by Xiaopeng Motors.

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The G9 electric vehicle by the Chinese automotive manufacturer Xiaopeng Motors with an automatic charger socket cover by fischer Automotive.

Image: fischer Automotive

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