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fischer Automotive develops automatic charger socket cover

Electric vehicles are the future of mobility and make a significant contribution to counteracting climate change. fischer Automotive has developed an innovative cover system for the charger sockets of electronic vehicles which have proven to be highly popular in China. The product will now also be used in Europe.
fischer Automotive’s charger socket cover is now available on the European market. The electrically operated cover for charging devices on electric vehicles is always locked for security purposes. Illuminated by LEDs, the cover is opened by key, switch or hand gesture depending on the model. The module is operated by actuators which convert the control unit’s signals and commands. Should the electronics ever fail, an emergency release provides access to the charging socket. 

Another special feature is the cover, which opens inwards, whereas most systems in Europe open outwards. The component was developed at fischer Automotive’s headquarters in Horb am Neckar, Germany. “It wasn’t just the kinematic system that was a challenge, but also the material of the socket cover which consists of plastic and has to precisely fit into the metal of the vehicle body”, Head of Development Ulf Lothar Bastian states, describing the exceptional tasks involved in development. The cover has also been designed to permanently resist environmental influences and temperature fluctuations. 

The components are developed and produced at fischer Automotive’s Chinese subsidiary and are already being used on the assembly lines of Chinese automotive manufacturers. Based in Taicang, the subsidiary has been a popular supplier of high-quality mechanical components for years, including air vents that are used in vehicles of all drive types.

With the launch of the charger socket cover, the German company tapped into another market segment in China. The success of the Taicang site is also evidenced by the Supplier Quality Improvement Award, with which fischer Automotive was honoured by Xiaopeng, one of China's leading electric vehicle manufacturers.

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Charger socket cover by fischer Automotive.

Image: fischer Automotive

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