fischer Automotive featured in the new C-Class

High quality in every detail

The C-Class may be the most significant model Mercedes-Benz has to offer. When the latest generation celebrates its premiere this summer, its interior will be equally impressive, which has been equipped with fischer Automotive components.

The automotive manufacturer headquartered in Stuttgart describes some of the advantages of its new C-Class as “a feel-good space with exclusive details”. The interior adopts some of the highlights of the new S-Class, which features vents and cupholders manufactured by fischer Automotive. 

These cockpit components are produced at two of the company’s sites, in Horb, Germany and Ivanovice na Hané, Czech Republic. Three different versions of the air vents are being produced, with the main version offering 64 different illumination options. The modern and stylish design complements the functionality of the air vents. 

A specialist process known as sandwich injection moulding is used to ensure the lamellae in the air vents are able to withstand strong bending loads. The process involves injecting at least two plastics simultaneously during production.

fischer Automotive uses a hot stamping process to achieve the high-quality chrome look, during which a stamping foil is applied to the components. The cupholders meanwhile provide a secure hold for cups, cans or bottles and are installed in the centre console.

Before series production begins, the components will be planned and validated in detail in cross-national teams, who will also plan and set up assembly lines as well as logistics processes. “The success we´ve been able to achieve with these new launches is thanks to our members of staff who actively work on the product development process on a daily basis while incorporating their profitable know-how”, said Dieter Pfaff, Managing Director for Quality and Project Management.


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Image 1:

C-class vent, illuminated.

Image: fischer
Image 2:

C-Class cupholder.

Image: fischer

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