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fischer automotive is a supplier for e-mobility

Electric vehicles can make a key contribution to protecting the environment and reducing emissions: They run free from emissions, and are quieter than conventional vehicles. The number of licensed electric cars has increased significantly around the world. With over 1.16 million new registrations in 2019, China is number one. German suppliers are involved in the Chinese e-mobility market, including fischer automotive, with its vehicle interior components.
Purchasing an electric car is an attractive option in China. A couple of months ago, grants from the Chinese government were extended by another two years. These grants fund vehicles with a maximum converted purchase price of 39,000 euros, as well as vehicles produced in China. Increasing demand has many advantages for Chinese manufacturers. It releases funds for innovation, in order to develop existing models further and bring new vehicles to market. This principle also applies to suppliers like fischer automotive. The company, headquartered in the southern German city of Horb, has been active in the Chinese market through its subsidiary in Taicang for many years. “We work closely with the big e-mobility manufacturers, which keeps us in step with the market” explains Johannes Konrad, spokesman for the board of fischer automotive.             

This intense collaboration makes a variety of e-mobility innovations possible, for instance for big players on the Chinese market, such as Xiaopeng Motors and NIO. fischer automotive produced a charger socket cover for the battery-operated sedan, the Xpeng P7, from Xiaopeng Motors. This is a fully-automatic cover for the vehicle’s charging outlet. Thanks to its discreet design, the cover is almost invisible from the outside. It can be operated via key, voice command, or the vehicle's controls in the cockpit. Each car has a charging station on both the left and right sides – as well as a larger and smaller battery with different charging speeds. 

The drive and locking mechanism is handled by two actuators, which receive electric pulses from the control unit. This development makes fischer automotive a trend setter within the market: “Most other charging covers open to the outside, while ours essentially disappear into the car body” explains Head of Development Ulf Lothar Bastian. The biggest challenge in this innovative charging concept was to pack the mechanical and electronic components into such a small space. 

Products from fischer automotive are also used in the electric SUV, the ES8 from NIO with all-wheel drive. The two electric drives, which are equipped with Magna drive systems, have a joint output of 480 kW / 644 HP. The ES8 is equipped with an exchangeable battery concept that allows the battery to be fully exchanged in three minutes. The modern look of the exterior is continued in the vehicle's interior. fischer automotive designed and manufactured cup holders hidden in the armrests for the six-seater version. They open using a kinematic application when a button is pressed on the side. This means they only appear when they are needed. “We are proud to have created a compact and practical product for NIO, which also underscores the clear lines of the vehicle's interior” says Johannes Konrad. The project was a success, and the company has already issued follow-up orders for the cup holder. 

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Image 1:

Charging covers from fischer automotive for the Xpeng P7 sedan disappear intothe car body.

Image: Xpeng
Image 2:

The cup holder from fischer automotive for the NIO ES8 is hidden in the arm rest.

Image: NIO

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