Simple on the outside, sophisticated on the inside

Modern wide vents for e-generation

For a well-ventilated vehicle interior: The electric cars by the American-Chinese car manufacturer Seres will now be equipped with wide air vents by the automotive supplier fischer automotive systems. The elegant components complement the modern Seres vehicles with their lustrous black design and sophisticated chrome elements. They also feature technical ingenuities such as an electrically controlled airflow perfectly adapted to the requirements of the vehicle occupants.
Air vents with visible lamella are a thing of the past – the new fischer automotive systems vents only features fixed elements. This ensures a harmonious fit of the elegant wide vent in the modern cockpit. It supplies the vehicle interior with an air flow that comes from three points – left, right and centre – which has been perfectly attuned to the passengers.

The true ingenuity lies inside the component: Two actuators per flow channel control the grilles which are situated behind the motors. These control two air streams located on top of one another. The two air streams only combine once they are expelled via the vent into the vehicle interior. Depending on how the interior duct is set, the air either flows downward or upward. Interior lamellae are arranged vertically and provide the lateral air flow while also being able to close the flow of air.

The ventilation system is controlled exclusively via the central display, where various functions such as “Focus” or “Diffuse” can be selected. There is also an option that simulates a fan. The vents feature a fanning function which emits air at regular intervals rather than a constant flow of air.

There were additional factors that played an important role during the development of the interior components: “In addition to their precise fit and high quality, the vents also feature a low-noise function, which is of crucial importance to e-generation vehicles”, explains Johannes Konrad, Speaker of the Board of Directors for fischer automotive systems.

The vents have also made technological progress when it comes to connectivity: The actuators are connected to the LIN bus system (Local Interconnect Network). This allows potential damages to be diagnosed quickly and easily. Approximately 35,000 vehicles by Seres, a subsidiary of the Chinese Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, will be equipped with the modern vents next year.

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Vehicle interior of the Seres SF5 model featuring the wide vent by fischer automotive systems.

Image: Seres

Sandra Roth

Press relations officer
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