Represented in the first e-generation

Products by fischer automotive systems in electric cars

The modern interior vehicle components by fischer automotive systems are being installed in the first generation of many all-electric vehicles. The automotive supplier is providing the vents in the rear central console in Audi’s new, all-electric e-tron SUV, for instance. The storage tray in the centre console of the EQC, Daimler’s first all-electric SUV, is also supplied by the South German supplier company.

fischer automotive systems is supporting car manufacturers on the road to a new age of engines with its high-quality products.
“We have been involved in the series production of many vehicles for several years and we have a global project management structure with the corresponding logistics capacities. We are therefore actively involved in new concepts from the start”, says Johannes Konrad, Speaker of the Board of Directors for fischer automotive systems.

Innovative production technologies and designs are crucial for the development of forward-looking concepts. The latter also emerge as a result of constructive discussions and in cooperation with partner firms or educational facilities. As an example, fischer automotive systems supported students from Reutlingen University with developing concepts for the vehicle interior of the future. Some of this content is being incorporated in prospective product developments.
In addition to its reliability, automotive manufacturers also appreciate the company’s innovative strength and flexibility due to its global presence. fischer automotive systems has manufacturing sites in China, in the Czech Republic and in the USA, where the production capacity was increased by 40 per cent in mid-2019 due to the high order volume.

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Storagetray for the centre console of Daimler’s EQC.

Picture: fischer

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