Fresh air for a great driving experience

Supplying quality parts to the new BMW 3

With their appealing design and functionality, air vents by fischer automotive systems provide perfect ventilation in the car cabin of many BMW models.

As a supplier, fischer automotive systems manufactures air vents for the driver and passenger side dashboard as well as for the rear seat passenger area of the latest BMW 3 generation. The automotive supplier is thereby providing smart ventilation to the sporty saloon. The fresh air grilles are included in the standard version or as a high-quality optional “climate control” variant in the BMW 3 series.

fischer automotive systems has been a reliable supplier to BMW’s best-selling series for many vehicle generations. This successful collaboration continues with the latest 3 series.  
The fischer automotive systems components for the 3 series are being installed in various BMW production sites across the globe.

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Rear set BMW air vent.

Image: fischer
BMW side vent in the latest BMW 3 car interior.

Image: fischer

Sandra Roth

Press relations officer
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