Press releases

Waldachtal, 10/12/2018
Approximately 8,000 FZP undercut anchors by fischer ACT were used during the renovations of an important war memorial in Honolulu. BWM Dübel- und Montagetechnik GmbH from Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, was responsible for the substructure. The company has been part of the fischer Group of Companies from the northern Black Forest since 14th March 2018.
Waldachtal, 10/4/2018
The fischer Group of Companies has developed a unique concept and product range tailored especially to DIYers. The independent NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product line is being further developed in an internal fischer spinoff while being established on the market. It focuses on tool-free fixings for Do-it-Yourselfers.
Waldachtal, 10/2/2018
A square metre costs 17.50 euro in Munich, and 12.30 euro in Stuttgart: This is the average basic rent as calculated by popular comparison portals. Many city dwellers live in confined spaces due to high rent prices. Smart furnishing tricks help to make living spaces appear bigger. Inhabitants can make the most out of every single square metre by attaching furniture and home accessories to the wall.
Waldachtal, 9/17/2018
The sawmill industry in Germany processes more than 35 million cubic metres of timber per year, almost 100 percent of which comes from domestic woodland. However, modern sawmills are no longer the romantic watermills set in the idyllic countryside that you’d imagine. There are around 2000 plants in the sector, all working with powerful and efficient sawmill technology which is partly operated in the Cloud. Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co. KG operates the largest hardwood sawmills in Europe. At its site in Aschaffenburg, Pollmeier is aiming for a targeted problem solving culture with the newly established Shopfloor Management.
Waldachtal, 9/10/2018
Even experienced professionals rarely witness underwater installation. The restoration of the VWEW-energie hydroelectric power station in Biessenhofen in southern Germany required this procedure. The facility came into operation in 1962 and will be refurbished by 2018. This procedure involves damming up the adjacent Wertach river in order to drain the work area. An underwater reinforced concrete wall was erected for this purpose and was secured using the fischer injection mortar FIS EM combined with reinforcement and concrete.