Press releases

A classic arcade game playfield can be built with the fischertechnik Pinball construction kit. A metal ball is shot onto the playfield, where it hits various obstacles until it reaches its goal. Different versions of the game can be played. The construction kit is available since March (RRP 14.99 euro) and is perfect as a gift for Easter.
The fischer Group of Companies will be presenting a selection of fixing and system solutions and services for tunnel construction projects at the World Tunnel Congress in Athens from 15 to 18 May. In addition to steel and chemical heavy-duty fixings, the exhibition stand in Zone D, booth L6 will also feature installation and fire protection systems in addition to inserts (fischer anchor channels). fischer’s experts will also be speaking to visitors about its services, which include supporting its partners throughout every construction phase until the project’s successful completion.
Skill and accuracy are a necessity with the compact fischertechnik Labyrinth. Flex profiles allow a race track to be built that needs to be skilfully tilted to guide the steel ball into the goal through a series of obstacles. The handy game is available since March (RRP 14.99 euro)
Chinese vehicle manufacturers are now one of the leaders in developing and producing high-quality, innovative electric vehicles. Numerous models are currently being launched, including several in the European market. Products made by fischer Automotive in Taicang play a key role in many of these models, as they enhance the quality of the vehicles.
Yellow vs white – players go head to head in the new fischertechnik Slide Battle game. The first person to shoot their gaming piece through a goal in the opposing field is the winner. The construction kit by the made-in-Germany toy manufacturer is available from March (RRP 14.99 euro).