Guiding principle 10

fischer condemns any type of corruption and benefit gained from illegal and unethical practices. This applies to all activities in the group of companies and also for all countries in which fischer is active. “Reputable” has been a basic value in the company's mission statement for decades, and excludes any form of bribery (active corruption) and venality (passive corruption). A breach of the company's values is not accepted and will be investigated accordingly. Compliance is restricted at fischer but not just to anti-corruption measures. Much more, compliance requires responsible action from each individual that is in line with all applicable laws, fischer's mission statement and internal guidelines.
In order to ensure and encourage compliant conduct, managers and employees are annually trained as part of the training programme in the mission statement and in compliance. This gives employees the tools to make the right decisions in difficult situations and minimise risks. One area of focus is to convey to employees how corruption, fraud, embezzlement and breaches of trust can be a avoided.
The works agreement “Code of Conduct” contains binding rules of conduct when handling benefits, selecting suppliers and service providers, and dealing with information, as well rules for implementation, including the definition of the central contact points to report violations. An online decision-making aid has also been set up to help with handling benefits. As the group makes its internal controlling system more international, minimum controls for key processes are established by the central internal control working group and the national companies, then transferred into local risk control matrices. Each national company has appointed an internal controlling system coordinator to monitor implementation of these systems.