Financial decisions

Guiding principle 09

As an owner-managed company, the fischer group of companies places great value on the highest possible degree of autonomy and independence. This also means that the capital requirement for investments and operative business comes from own funds. If external financing should be necessary or beneficial, when choosing finance partners the focus is on their reputation, creditworthiness and how they deal with stakeholders. Financing is generally obtained from institutions with which the group has a long-term relationship, built on trust.
 As part of the financing decision, the fischer group of companies also looks at guaranteeing sustainable financial leeway at all times. Financing is generally declined that would limit the group of companies’ autonomy, or include risks for the company. When it comes to investments, focus is on the sustainable economic development and long-term success of the fischer group of companies. In addition to economic aspects, employee matters and environmental aspects are also included in investment decisions.