Corporate success and jobs

Guiding principle 07

Commitment to our own employees and to society

The fischer group of companies is economically successful and has great future potential. The long-term company success is ensured by the sustainable generation of profits in five company areas, which also secure jobs in the region. In addition to the revenue, the number of fischer employees continues to grow worldwide. Both developments confirm that fischer is an internationally successful and growing company. Ongoing, healthy growth in revenue enables, among other things, extensive investments in training and the creation of more jobs. By encouraging long-term, inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well productive full employment and decent work for all, fischer targets SDG 8. 

The basis for the company's success is the company's mission statement with its values. It also anchors the goal of generating the necessary profit required for the successful advancement and future security of the group of companies.

“The biggest asset and the most important success factor in our company are our employees – not systems and buildings!”

says company owner Prof. Klaus Fischer. The company has a social responsibility towards its employees and society, by facing current challenges and addressing the internal and external requirements of various stakeholder groups in an appropriate manner.

Training and studies

The diversity of available training is reflected in the over 30 training and dual study educational courses offered. Trainees and dualstudy students are active at all German company locations. Through high-quality training, the fischer group of companies is making a long-term investment in young people, providing them good future prospects on the labour market and in the fischer group as well. In so doing, the company also ensures its own young skilled staff. And this supports young people's start into working life. 
As ideal preparation of trainees and dual-study students for the labour market, fischer conveys expert knowledge and places particular value on individualised, personal development. This is supported by various seminars on team work, communication, the fischer ProcessSystem and the independent organisation of projects, as well as by the annual trainee information day. In addition to the usual certificates, thanks to this training programme every graduate also receives the “fit for future” certificate, which confirms that the contents of the graduates' training extend far beyond the normal standard.
As it is becoming ever more important in these times of growing internationalisation to look at our own foreign-language and inter cultural competences at an early stage in practice and to develop these further, fischer offers its apprentices and dual-study students the opportunity to visit one of the 50 subsidiaries in 38 countries. There are various opportunities to do so: Language trips with financial support, work assignments with an additional visit to a language school for trainees, or a practical and/or theory semester for dual-study students. 

Support programmes

Education and training has a high priority at fischer. The opportunities for life-long learning are promoted and supported by various measures by the company. Management and expert positions are staffed from the company’s own workforce as much as possible. The Management Talent Pool prepares employees specifically for future management tasks. In order to increase the opportunities for advancement at fischer, the Expert Talent Pool is a strategic supplement to the management career path and another development opportunity where specialised expertise is promoted in a targeted manner and made available for the company. There is also special promotion of young talent within the Junior Talent Pool. The development programme offers an opportunity for orientation and personal development. As part of the Academic Talent Pool, employees also have the opportunity to complete a university degree or do their doctorate while they are working at fischer. 
In order to support employees in production and logistics who do not have a higher diploma, or who have one from a different field, another qualification programme was created: The new employee academy now enables another target group to have customised further training with a certificate programme. fischer has made it its goal to offer women and men equal career opportunities within the group of companies. 30 to 40 % of the participants in the various support programmes are women, whereby the quota has increased significantly compared to the previous years. In principle, advanced training at fischer is available at any time and in any phase of life – regardless of age

Developing managerial staff

fischer offers its managerial staff a defined concept of strategic and needs-oriented measures that contributes to ongoing coaching of management work and prepares them for actual challenges. These extensive programmes help the managers of all hierarchy levels. The fischer group of companies expects management to respectful, in accordance with our mission statement. The fischer management handbook was released based on corporate values, and summarises the guidelines, tasks and tools for effective management within the group of companie

Welcome Days

In order to give all new employees an ideal entry into the fischer family, every quarter there is an introduction week that focuses on getting to know the group of companies. In addition to practical support in production and logistics, employees become familiar with the mission statement and the philosophy of the fischer ProcessSystem, as well as lots of interdisciplinary and company-specific content. Among other things, fischer's sustainability management is also introduced. This way, everyone has the same starting requisites. 

Fair payment

Employees receive appropriate remuneration within the framework of the Metal-collective agreement. In addition to the collectively agreed holiday and Christmas pay, a voluntary fischer special annual payment is also provided.

After six months of employment, employees also receive the collectively arranged allowances for occupational pension schemes. In addition to the later statutory pension, a monthly contribution is paid for each employee into a pension fund. Another payment that is not required according to scale is our “fischer pension”. After a specific period of service, annual contributions are paid into a supplemental pension fund for each employee.

Prizes and awards

The company's success can also be seen based on appreciation from our customers and recognized experts. Each prize or award we receive is valuable as proof of our continued development and improvement. One example is the Red Dot in the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020”, given to the new Power-Fast II chipboard screw. The product had already previously won the German Design Award. Prof. Klaus Fischer was the first winner of the nation-wide special designation “Host of the Year” from renowned restaurant initiative Food & Health – the company restaurant in Tumlingen was honoured, receiving the prize of “Germany's best cafeteria” for the second time in a row. 

The “German Traditional Brand” award is further evidence that fischer is setting new brand standards. The jury for the Plus X award gave the honour to companies “who have shown decades of responsibility for their customers, employees and partners, having a positive influence in their industries and renewing their brands through their lasting value”.

The GreenLine product range has also been honoured as a “Green Brand Germany”. The award and seal of quality go to brands that demonstrate a verified, unique commitment to climate protection, sustainability and economic responsibility. Green plugs and injection mortar from fischer achieved outstanding results in the assessment, greatly exceeding the required 51% standard.

In addition, in the spring fischer was distinguished as “Baden-Württemberg's most sustainable company”, a seal awarded by the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten. After placing as a finalist in the previous year, in November 2019 fischer was awarded the 2020 German Sustainability Prize. Further information is provided in guiding principle 12.


Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are treated as sub-projects of sustainability. The strategic objective of digitisation in the fischer group of companies is closely entwined with sustainability. Our customers are our focus in the digital development of the company: New business models, innovative products and services, digital elements in sales and marketing, and in logistics and production improve added value for our customers.

Employees and their working environments are the focus in digitisation within the company. A modern digital infrastructure and ongoing improvements through new technologies create the foundation for efficient processes.