Product responsibility

Guiding principle 06

fischer products are used in many areas of daily life and by virtually all age groups. This results in the company’s responsibility to always deliver best quality products. 

The fischer group of companies has taken on this responsibility and continuously works on increasing the high product quality even further.

This process, known in-house as the fischer ProcessSystem, begins long before the product is ready for sale. Even when there is an idea for a new product, there is a focus on ensuring it is convenient, easy and intuitive for customers to use. One example of improved user-friendliness is the new, innovative setting control for FH II steel plugs. This allows users to determine immediately and without tools whether the anchors have set correctly. Product managers and application engineers are in continuous contact with consumers and others involved in the supply chain, to identify needs throughout the process. High quality products are no coincidence – when it comes to determining requirements and the subsequent development work, fischer focuses on the product development process. This ensures that nothing is forgotten and all process steps are optimised and implemented.
In addition, the group focuses on using sustainable, long-lasting materials in product development. One example of products from sustainable and renewable raw materials is the fischer GreenLine product range. It is the world’s first range of its kind, manufactured from at least 50 % renewable raw materials. Resource-conserving processes are worked out together with production, creating a product that can be produced in an environmentally compatible manner with low manufacturing costs. Customer-specific solutions are developed regularly – especially in the area of fischer automotive systems, this is the order of the day. Another goal is to keep hazards that could emanate from individual products to a minimum. This includes refraining from using substances that are harmful to health or the environment and replacing them with harmless substances.

Organisation is vital. This applies in particular to fischer production. Clear sequences, clean tools and good planning are the basis for efficient production and high quality. Whenever possible, products are packaged in materials that can be recycled easily. Then the product is ready to deliver.

Product responsibility does not end there. The product is transported to the dealer or directly to the user. Here the focus is on low-emission transport. Unnecessary transport routes are also avoided. We have established new local warehouses and production sites for this purpose, in order to ensure short pathways and quick deliveries for customers. Improvements have also been made at the Global Distribution Centre at our headquarters in Tumlingen, including creating pick-by-light stations for picking and packaging, along with additional warehouse capacity. 

Depending on the region and the application, fischer products must satisfy various quality standards. In some cases, they must verify this with relevant certificates. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to ensure each customer receives the product certificate they need.

The sales partners and customers of the group of companies should have enough time to use the products – even if they last indefinitely. This is why above-average storage-stability has a special importance. For instance, two-component reaction cartridges can be stored for up to three years.

Later, when the product is in use, an appropriate service life must be ensured. When it comes to steel anchors and chemical fastenings, an operating life of at least 50 years is expected – in some cases even up to 100 years. Specialised verifications and certifications have been able to increase the service life for FAZ II plus to 120 years, significantly improving economic efficiency for users. 

At the end of a long product life, it is time for recycling or reuse. In this way, steel parts from our fastening systems can be reprocessed after they are removed from the structure. If processing plastic parts is not economically viable, they can at least be thermally reused. Packaging is processed in paper recycling or a recycling system such as Germany's dual system. The company ensures, in particular, that its packaging is recyclable. However, the product life of fischer anchors does not end after just one use: For instance, the fischer concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II can be disassembled and reused several times for temporarily fastening construction site equipment.

We analyse our products in detail through efficiency projects in value analysis workshops throughout the entire product life cycle, to determine where and for which components raw materials usage can be reduced or replaced. We also investigate to identify manufacturing process and transportation steps where we can save valuable energy. In doing so, we are responding to our product responsibility throughout the entire life cycle.