Human and employee rights

Guiding principle 01

As a company that is active worldwide with locations in over 30 countries as well as suppliers and customers around the world, the fischer group of companies considers it its duty to actively support human and labourer rights.

Mission statement

Following the fischer mission statement, all company activities are based on the basic values “innovative, personally responsible and reputable”, and follow the goal of generating profit.

These basic values apply as the benchmark for the daily work and the successful shaping of the future of the fischer group of companies. The fischer mission statement applies to all employees worldwide as the “Code of Conduct”, and has been translated into 27 languages.

One key area is the group's reputable conduct, as one excerpt from the mission statement shows: “We behave in an appreciative and self-critical manner, are trustworthy and reliable, take heed of rights, norms and cultures, and expect our partners to do the same. We give ourselves rules and adhere to them.” In order for all new employees to become familiar with the mission statement as soon as possible, they receive a mission statement training during the Welcome Days. This creates a foundation for transforming company values into personal action. The managerial staff in the group of companies ensures that the philosophy is also practised consistently through an annual mission statement training.


Appreciation is a topic of particularly high importance to company proprietor Prof. Klaus Fischer. At the fischer group of companies, people are the focus – this is clear, based on the group's high investments in education and training as well as in the many social activities provided. 


Collaboration with the worker's council is trusting and constructive. After the works agreement 2025, compulsory redundancies have been excluded at all German locations of the fischer group of companies. In selecting its partners, fischer is conscientious and performs audits as part of its supplier management before delivery begins. These audits not only look at pure efficiency, but also evaluate the possible partner in terms of people, safety and the environment. 

External partners of the fischer group of companies are committed to complying with social standards with regard to human rights, working conditions and protecting the environment. This is confirmed regularly by signing the “Regulation of business methods”. The Supplier Management division provides an important contribution to ensuring compliance with these specifications by keeping an eye on compliance with standards – from supplier selection, award of contract, incoming goods and everything in between. In 
the event of infringement against applicable rules or negligences, fischer's intention is to forego collaboration or end the existing supply relationship.