A playful grasp of technology

A special philosophy lies behind fischertechik products and fischerTiP: “a playful grasp of technology”. This is simultaneously the aspiration and commitment of fischertechnik GmbH. While the materials, the possibilities and the target group may be very different, both toy concepts have much in common: The building blocks made of high quality plastic and potato starch are of a high stimulative nature and provide sustainable play value.  They also promote children’s cognitive and motor skills.

Popular with people young and old for over 50 years, the company conveys technical and scientific basics in a vivid and “graspable” manner with their successful construction kits. Its approval amongst parents, teachers and engineers have made the “Made in Germany” education toys a successful teaching tool at schools and universities. fischertechnik saw the potential and fascination of computers for children and teenagers from early on and was the first manufacturer of construction kits to release computer-controlled models in 1985.

School children and apprentices learn the basics of programming with fischertechnik models and fischertechnik software. At universities, processes are programmed with control software developed by Microsoft, and design offices are able to create simulations of process flows with the building blocks.

In 1998 a new creative material was introduced along with fischerTiP with which children from ages 3 and up were able to build and play: potato starch. Made with plant starch, they become sticky when moistened. TiPs can be cut, modelled, pressed, shaped and grated.

The construction kits and creative materials have been awarded the “Das Goldene Schaukelpferd” (“The Golden Rocking Horse”) and “TOP 10 Toys” prizes multiple times over the past years.

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