fischer Consulting

Sustained process improvements

Unlike most other enterprises, the fischer Group of Companies has fully embraced the KAIZEN philosophy about the continuous improvement and has developed the fischer ProcessSystem together with its staff and workforce. This methodology is the basis for process consulting at fischer and at external customers.

While it used to be workshops in the beginning on how to reduce setup times, cut transit and throughput times or minimising stocks, the process experts have over the last years not only helped customers in production and production-related areas. The methodological competence and the experience of the consultants also efficiently supports processes in administration, in sourcing and purchase management and supplier development, service and maintenance management, in marketing and sales, but also in logistics and product generation.

fischer Consulting established in 2001, relies on the expertise of the fischer ProcessSystem as basis for its consulting work for enterprises, suppliers and business partners. It supports SMBs, agencies and authorities as well as major international players in how to make their processes leaner and more efficient. One of the focuses of fischer ProcessSystem is on avoiding waste of any kind in the various processes.

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